Local timeCountrySpeaker / ProtagonistSubject / Speech Title
09:3009:30ItalyPietro Marchetti, Sabrina Pieragostini, Filippo SarpaOpening and Welcome
09:4009:40ItalyFilippo Sarpa (Chairman)Introduction to the conference
09:5016:50KoreaGo Han‧ Presented by Sara RolandoThe Possibility of Alien Life Forms and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
Sara RolandoQuestions and Answers session
10:2024:20RussiaNikolay SubbotinProject Setka: governmental UFO research in the URSS and Russia
Questions and Answers session
11:0011:00ItalySabrina PieragostiniUFOs and the Intelligence Community
Questions and Answers session
24:0011:00EnglandPhilip MantlePascagoula - The closest encounter
Questions and Answers session
13:00Lunch break
14:3014:30ItalyFilippo Sarpa (Chairman)Introduction to the afternoon session
14:4009:40CileJosé LayChile: the pilots’ close encounters
Questions and Answers session
15:3011:30ArgentineRicardo GonzálezThe ET contact and the destiny of humanity
Questions and Answers session
16:30Coffee Break
16:458:45USAMichael MastersThe Extratempestrial Model: A Time Travel Approach to the UFO Phenomenon
Questions and Answers session
17:4508:45USAJack SarfattiUFOs / Tic Tacs / UAV - Physics explains them all
Questions and Answers session
18:3018:30ItalyPietro Marchetti, Sabrina Pieragostini, Filippo SarpaClosing of the Conference