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Report dell’evento “UFO: Back to the future”


Il GAUS da molti anni protagonista, sempre presente sulla scena internazionale per la ricerca e divulgazione del fenomeno ufo, anche in questo periodo di emergenza sanitaria, non ha voluto rinunciare al consueto appuntamento annuale del proprio Convegno.
É stata una grande sfida e al contempo un enorme lavoro portato avanti con tanto entusiasmo e grandissima professionalità.

FREEstraordinario: una conferenza in LIVE STREAMING, che ha visto la partecipazione di ricercatori e scienziati di fama mondiale alternarsi con interventi sia in differita che in diretta, tutti tradotti in tre lingue.

L’ evento per la prima volta è stato organizzato congiuntamente dal GAUS ed EXTREMAMENTE, i cui presidenti Pietro Marchetti del GAUS e Sabrina Pieragostini di EXTREMAMENTE, hanno voluto rendere gratuita tale iniziativa permettendo agli spettatori di approfondire la tematica ufologica. E questo è sicuramente un valore aggiunto poiché entrambe le associazioni si autofinanziano esclusivamente con il contributo dei propri soci ed con eventuali donazioni.

ChairmanFilippo Sarpa, who with immeasurable skill and professionalism led the work of the whole day, always presenting and translating in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish, every single intervention of the speakers in the Q&A sessions.

The directing work both before the Conference and during the Conference was excellent, coordinating the work of broadcasting live links from all over the world.

Everything went smoothly and with success, with over 2800 views throughout the day.

THE PROGRAM, of 9 hours of live streaming, began with the first intervention of the South Korean anthropologist GO HAN, who, unable to intervene for health reasons, nevertheless allowed the presentation of his work (close encounters with UFOs and visitors from elsewhere) which was created and exhibited with extreme precision and skill by Dr. Sara Rolando, GAUS member.

The second intervention featured the journalist and explorer NIKOLAY SUBBOTIN, which carried out research on unidentified flying objects, which were also studied by the same scientific community and by the military of the then USSR.

subsequently SABRINA PIERAGOSTINI drew attention to the recent developments related to UAP videos - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - released by the Pentagon, on the request of the Intelligence Commission of the American Senate to have all the information collected in this regard and on the creation of a specific task force entrusted to the Navy USA.

To close the morning, the intervention of the British ufologist PHILIP MANTLE, with the case of Pascagoula, where something incredible happened on 11 October 1973. The speaker illustrated some inexplicable details of what happened that night on the river to the two fishermen.

The work of the conference resumed in the afternoon with the intervention of JOSE LAY, leading figure of CEFAA, a study committee promoted by the government of Santiago de Chile, with incredible testimonies of sightings reported by pilots.

Following the interesting speech by the Peruvian researcher RICARDO GONZALEZ, still one of the best known "contactees" worldwide, who told us about the experience with his "friends" of ALPHA CENTAURI.

In his speech, the American anthropologist MICHAEL MASTERS he exposed the hypothesis on the basis of which, starting from HOMO SAPIENS in evolution up to modern man, what were the morphological changes eg. skull and brain, would represent the possibility that the man of the future will be very similar to the so-called "grays". In summary, the aliens would not come from other worlds but from future times: therefore "they" would be us humans in the distant future!

And last but not least, the GUEST OF HONOR, the theoretical physicistJACK SARFATTI. In his very interesting speech he explained how UFOs fly thanks to a technology based onantigravity.

TheGAUSthanks all those who have chosen to participate in thisNEW EVENT!

ThepresidentPietro Marchetti and all theboard of directorsthey are proud to have brought, once again with great professionalism, their testimony and their commitment to the attention of that public that shows interest and sensitivity towards the UFO phenomenon.

These are the foundations for research to continue in the discovery of the OTHER, and to go beyond the boundaries of HUMAN knowledge.