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Contact in the Atacama Desert 2019: the report by Ricardo Gonzàlez

The sun burned the skin on the plateau of the Ancash mountain range. Yungay shone wonderfully, surrounded by majestic peaks and green pastures that I will never tire of admiring. In the setting of this enchanting and colorful natural setting, Canadian researcher Rob Freeman questioned me about the close encounters that had occurred in the Peruvian Andes while Marc Macnaab, his cameraman, filmed our conversation.

The interview was part of a documentary filmed in Peru which will presumably be available in the coming months through a well-known streaming content platform. They were intense days of investigations and experiences in continuous travel between different key places in my country of origin, from the Huascarán mountain to the Chilca desert, from the Urubamba Valley in Cusco to the Marcahuasi plateau. During our wanderings, Freeman, founder of the CSSAA (center for the scientific study of atmospheric anomalies) witnessed various "unusual" events linked to the UFO phenomenon. It was then that he asked me point blank: "Would it be possible to witness a scheduled sighting?" Freeman aspired to more than oneskywatching, of night vigils spent waiting for atmospheric anomalies to occur. She wanted to take part in a meeting where thetheirpresence was guaranteed by prior communication of specific coordinates. “I'll wait for you in the Atacama Desert this September,” I told him. And by mutual agreement we decided to keep a low profile in terms of disclosure to avoid generating too many expectations. Paola Harris, also a participant in the aforementioned documentary, enthusiastically accepted my invitation to Chile. It was the beginning of an incredible adventure.

Ricardo González interviewed by Rob Freeman and Marcus Mcnabb in the mountain resort of Yungay

Why a new meeting in Atacama?

Holding a meeting in the middle of the Atacama desert is literally a feat. We succeeded for the first time in 2016, but repeating it three years later would undoubtedly have been even more difficult for obvious reasons: after the great success of the first event, expectations would have been very high. In fact, I remember that in the Valley of the Moon a material contact took place, a communication that I supported withtheirface to face. On that occasion we managed to obtain new information about the importance of water and its property - they assure - of being able to separate into seven different states; in addition we were told of the origin of the non-human colonists of Alpha Centauri and their search for what they call "the common ancestor". I have already shared this information extensively in previously published articles on my website and in my book.El Arca”.

As if it wasn't already enough, immediately after that first close encounter in the Atacama we decided to go and visit the ALMA complex and the Chajnantor plain, the place identified by extraterrestrials as the future launch platform for the mission to Alpha Centauri: the new home of humanity in space (for readers not accustomed to the topic, we recommend reading "Contact from Planet Apu. Messages from a future civilization” (2018, XPublishing).

To crown the enthusiasm aroused by the 2016 meeting, a rather curious shot began to circulate which seemed to have immortalized a strange visitor inside the Wayra campsite in Atacama: an alleged giant three meters tall. The analysis of the photo in question went around the world (

After all this, as the reader can imagine, calling a new event in the Atacama desert would have been a very delicate matter. What would have happened if I had said publicly that Rob Freeman's team would be joining us from Canada to film a planned sighting? It is no coincidence that I opted for the path of caution both before, during and even after this last meeting. I made this decision because the main objective of the new “call” in the Chilean desert would not be the aforementioned sighting.Their, through the sending of psychographic messages corroborated by contextual sightings (as happened on Easter Island in September 2018 and Currarehue in January 2019) had summoned us for something deeper. According to Ivika, the "commander" of the group with whom we are in contact, the intent of this new meeting in Atacama would have been to conclude one stage and start the next: an appointment designed to refine everything we had learned in these years on the experience of contact and its extraordinary revelations so that we could open the door to new paths and enterprises.

According to extraterrestrials, when a person accepts an invitation of this type and physically presents himself in the "marked" place, he sets in motion processes that would not otherwise be activated. This is what "they" call the "Neutral Zone" protocol. Contact sites such as Mount Shasta, Monte Perdido, Marcahuasi and the Atacama Desert itself – to mention just a few – are precisely neutral zones: a sort of interstellar embassies on a foreign planet. And when you are in an embassy, ​​the laws are those of the host country. Rushing to Atacama entailed something similar: being in that context would have meant connecting with other realities to which we belong but which we have forgotten.

On January 25, 2019, in the aforementioned location of Currarehue, Ivika confirmed the invitation:

«We confirm the coordinates of Atacama for 27, 28 and 29 September 2019. Once again in the desert. The convocation will be significant, but only those who vibrate in tune with the message will come, those who have internalized the meaning of the human mission to Alpha Centauri. There will be a real self-selection of participants...
Timelines are intertwining and action is needed at this urgent time on your planet. You will return to projecting the hypercube; you will use this tool in Atacama to facilitate a new interaction with the parallel future on Earth 2. That's all we can tell you for now."

A pulsating light above us

Three hundred and forty people from twenty-four countries participated in the new event in the Atacama desert. I won't take the time to tell you the details of the organization. It was a long, arduous process with huge costs, but which, thanks to the collaboration of all the assistants, was successfully achieved in the end. In this regard, I want to extend sincere thanks to the native Chalarquiche community, our impeccable hosts.

Already on the first night we witnessed some sightings. However, in a telepathic message that I would later share with the whole group, Ivika clearly told me: "Gather on Saturday 28th at 9pm." They were the contact coordinates that I had already sent to Freeman, to whom I had also suggested to pay attention at least until 10pm since in this "window" we would attempt an interaction, a mental contact. Unlike other scheduled meetings wheretheirindicate the space-time coordinates of a visible manifestation, the new Atacama event required different dynamics and attention. Hundreds of people each filled with their own expectations - and among them numerous investigators of the UFO phenomenon - made the scenario a powder keg of emotions. And yet everything went smoothly. I say this with pride and joy. The one in Atacama was the furthest thing there could be from a UFO entertainment encounter, as serial detractors of the phenomenon usually say. The contact was approached with great seriousness. Despite countless expectations, when it was time to gather at the designated location just fifteen minutes before time X, the group remained calm and focused. And at the exact time indicated by Ivika something appeared above us.

A light began to emit pulsating light exactly above our position. The phenomenon began, according to my watch, precisely at 9:01 pm. We immediately ruled out that it was a satellite. Astronomy applications installed on myriad phones reported no presence ofIridium flareor passage of the International Space Station visible from our coordinates. And not even old orbiting missiles, geostationary or geosynchronous satellites that could be playing a bad joke. That Ivika wanted to announce the sighting of a satellite or space debris was not a possibility. And in fact the object began to pulsate light constantly, in apparently stationary motion above the camp and before the enthusiastic eyes of the group while someskywatcheramong those present reported it with their lasers and mobilized to film it. It was 9.05pm. The object remained above our position for several minutes. Rob Freeman recorded it from 9.07pm for a duration of five minutes.

There is no doubt that it was something else.

After those minutes of apparent immobility, the object gave the impression of starting to move and it was then that we lost track of it. We counted over thirty luminous pulsations emitted by our "visitor" at the moment in which we prepared to establish telepathic communication (in the five minute and fifteen second video produced by Freeman, it is possible to count 116). What can I say… While all this was happening, the whole place was enveloped in a special atmosphere.

Below is the message conveyed to me through psychography:

« I'm Ivika.
Yes, we are here with you. We manifested ourselves respecting the time coordinates that we had indicated to you with the intention of corroborating the experience of contact and getting closer to you in a spirit of brotherhood.
You were summoned to Atacama to integrate the information already revealed during the meeting scheduled in the Valley of the Moon in 2016. On that occasion we spoke to you about the value of water, its states still unknown to man and the research, by ours, of our "common ancestor": a key that would be found here on Earth, a secret known in part by our predecessors. As you know, ancient civilizations knew how to “read” your planet and its connection to the entire cosmos, and there is a fragment of this knowledge that binds all sentient beings in commitment. We are convinced that this key will help establish harmonious and lasting relationships between different civilizations. We have already clarified how this search for a common ancestor goes far beyond scientific investigation. It's part of a redemption program.
You have understood that the places designated in ancient times continue to be windows of contact and knowledge. Chajnantor is certainly one of them. It was the site of a meeting in the past and, in a timeline that intersects in a probable future that you already know about, this same desert plain will be the initial setting for humanity's journey to find its new home in space. An Earth 2. However, as long as ALMA is in operation on the Chajnantor plain there will be no possibility of further investigation. But you can do that later. You will receive signals, discoveries and new revelations. Stay alert.
We ratify that this process of study and understanding will maintain its geographical axis in Latin America. Future work will continue to focus on this continent. You will return to the stone forests of the Andes: there you will be able to benefit from a new flow of information, especially in Peru. Gather once again in Hayumarca, Hatun Mache, Marcahuasi, Huallay and other places of similar characteristics. September 2020 is a propitious time. But before that you will make a very important trip to [place shared with the Atacama participants but omitted by the author for caution] which will conclude the pending work. You will access information relating to ancient extraterrestrial missions on Earth and their complex interaction with humanity: this is the Book of Watchers (Enoch).
We are monitoring your conversations and in this transmission we find ourselves in a position to confirm to you that although our existence is absolutely real in the conception that you have of reality - and I am talking about our human appearance and also our physical structure - it is equally true that some of our messengers or sent in contact experiences as part of anthropological missions of approach are more precisely biological robots or avatars, as you would call them.
Some of these envoys are controlled remotely or, in certain cases, function autonomously because they have consciousness. The latter are based on advanced artificial intelligence technology.
Earth scientists are aware of this reality and are letting information leak into their articles, into their interviews. Access to this type of information was granted to them thanks to our intercession. However, they have failed to adequately develop the technologies. The results of their efforts are incomplete. Your scientists have not understood that technological progress on this front is closely linked to high sources of power and consciousness, and requires ethics and respect for the laws that govern the universe. Laws that they ignore. There are several extraterrestrial civilizations that in the past have suffered the terrifying consequences of improper use of this knowledge. A similar mistake on your planet would cause the irreparable.
This is why we are here, among you. Because we are the same. Don't think of us as something alien. We are, in a certain sense, a projection of yourselves in order to warn you about the great opportunity that is about to manifest itself on your path. We won't tell you anything else for now. Information will follow and you will be able to learn for yourself what is necessary.
With you, Ivika »

« To all who attended, you were invited. You have proven it to yourselves. You will connect, feel and understand what you really need. It is a new beginning, a new stage that you will understand through future events that will affect the individual and the community.
Antarel "

Dan Berg's experience

“Please carefully consider the information you receive,” Ivika's message read. Immediately afterwards I received telepathic instructions to conduct a visualization and concentration practice with the hypercube. According to the extraterrestrials, this meditation technique which resorts to the use of the aforementioned geometric figure in movement, if applied in the correct context would be able to generate a sort of space-time door on a mental level: an access through different temporal lines from which can extract knowledge. And that's exactly what we attempted in Atacama, with our gaze fixed on Alfa Centauri.

Describing what many have experienced in this experience is difficult to summarize. I can however mention the fact that the "visions" and "sensations" that came during this complex contact exercise placed us, at that moment, in a future timeline: a vision of the human colonies settled on the exoplanet identified to reconstruct our civilization in the Alpha Centauri stellar sector. But something had happened. The human colony in this distant world was facing problems of coexistence and survival. Had we perhaps "exported" our own critical issues, vulnerabilities and contradictions that had pushed us to abandon Earth? Is this the reason why the “descendants” of this space mission “return” to our timeline to warn us and encourage us to learn?

The reader will understand that we have no opportunity to delve further into this topic, but I believe in any case that the message is extremely clear. In the meantime, as Ivika recommends, let's exercise the utmost caution in putting the pieces of the puzzle together to avoid falling into hasty interpretations. The Atacama meeting, characterized first by their presence at the indicated time and later by the receipt of this information, started a new stage in the contact and research experience.

Ma mi sento di rivelare qualcosa in più. Sebbene l’obiettivo globale di questo incontro fosse l’apertura di una nuova tappa, c’è stato altresì un invito speciale a ripetere il contatto materiale come avvenuto nel 2016. Un invito che mi è giunto attraverso diverse persone. Dopo l’avvistamento (filmato da Rob Freeman e altri ricercatori) e la meravigliosa esperienza con l’ipercubo, ho analizzato risolutamente la situazione nel nostro accampamento, il contesto, l’emozione della gente. Sono giunto alla conclusione che non fosse il momento migliore per incontrarli ancora una volta. Così, in un “dialogo mentale” con Ivika corroborato da un avvistamento, abbiamo deciso di comune accordo di modificare il corso dell’incontro. Anche se inizialmente ci era stata concessa la possibilità di un contatto più ravvicinato, Ivika, riconsiderando il contesto umano, poco prevedibile e difficilmente controllabile persino per il suo equipaggio, ha convenuto di posticipare l’esperienza. Mi sono tuttavia concesso di chiederle un favore: «mettetevi in contatto con un’altra persona, estranea a me e al gruppo più stretto che mi circonda. Sarebbe stupendo se altri avessero la possibilità di vivere un incontro del genere» ho pensato con forza mentre il mio cuore batteva d’emozione nel vedere i partecipanti così contenti.

That same night, before the end of each activity, a disconcerted Paola Harris reached me to warn me that "one of Rob Freeman's cameramen followed some lights in the trees and was lost for over an hour."

«Did he get “lost”?”: I replied surprised.

«He says a voice entered his head and told him to “get ready”»

Paola Harris receives recognition for her 40 years of research in the Atacama camp

It was Daniel Berg, who, before the incredulous eyes of the entire group, including mine, the following day recounted his experience through the translation of our dear French friend Chris.

Below is his transcribed statement:

« I felt attracted by the trees and so I walked in their direction. And that's when I heard a male voice inside my head. They weren't my thoughts. It was something that came from outside. He told me several times to “be prepared”. Afterwards I went back to look for my colleagues in the station where the cameras were installed. But instead of stopping I continued… and for a long time. I walked until I found myself in front of five trees that lit up in sequence. I followed this light and then stayed in that place for I don't know how long. Nothing else happened. I have no further memories."

Where was Dan for more than an hour after following those “lit trees”? Not a small detail, Berg was not the only one to visually perceive this "energy" in that area of ​​sparse bushland. Others present, including Argentine journalist Carlos Galliquio, claim to have witnessed this type of anomaly, an anomaly that Berg apparently "entered."

Daniel Berg talks with Ricardo Gonzalez in front of the group of participants

“You don't know what I saw,” the cameraman told Mexican Fernando López as he returned from his experience, a close encounter that Dan doesn't remember much about today.

Is it possible that this was Ivika's response to my request?

I assume it wasn't a coincidence. In fact, the Argentinian Andrea Maisenti claims to have received a telepathic message in which he was informed that one of the cameramen would have an experience during which he would have a "bath of knowledge". Was it Daniel Berg? If this is really the case, one day he will remember it.

What I can say for sure is that when I hugged him I felt “their” energy in his body and I smiled. It's clear that something extraordinary happened to him.

Ivika and the message in “dream”

There is no possibility that it was a suggestion. That "dream" was not the consequence of the intense and tiring wave of experiences and testimonies that characterized the Atacama event. Of course, I can't prove it, but this dreamlike encounter, as real as on the "material" level, woke me up very early on the morning of Sunday 29th as the end of the event approached.

I clearly remember coming out of my tent and looking at the time: it was 3.30 in the morning. I walked to the central clearing and suddenly everything around me "turned off". I no longer saw the tents of the camp nor the silhouette of the great Licancabur Volcano emerging from the mountain range. And not even the stars. Just a white, luminous, enormous cube placed on the ground. Inside was Ivika, standing. She was wearing a silver tracksuit that was very close to her athletic physique. I entered the cube almost hypnotized but conscious enough to analyze this curious lucid dream. I was trying to understand if that figure was part of what we had produced through the co-creation exercise of the hypercube or if perhaps I was entering another place and if my mind was encoding it in this form. In any case, I was there, and in this bright scenario Ivika conveyed to me the following three concepts:

  1. The experience with the hypercube was real and allowed us to create an access "portal" to receive information on the human odyssey in Alpha Centauri. According to Ivika, over time we will put together the pieces of the mosaic and only when we have the complete picture will we be able to disclose them. She also explained to me that the camp site was selected because there would be "still water" in its depths. Ivika probably refers to the fact that Atacama millions of years ago was still a seabed. Furthermore, the camp is located a relatively short distance from the Tebenquiche lagoons. This is because the Apunians use water molecules as transmission agents of the "Minius", the subatomic energy which if controlled and directed correctly is capable of producing inter-dimensional experiences.

  2. As for the psychographic message in which we are addressed in an invitation to access the aforementioned "Book of Watchers", a controversial episode in which the "angels of heaven" unite with the daughters of man giving rise to a lineage of giants and the foundation of legendary civilizations rejected a priori by official historiography, Ivika confirms that this is a fundamental stage in all our research: an undertaking that will guarantee us the missing pieces of this great enigma that some define as the "Cosmic Plan". What is the point of obtaining this type of information and why disclose it? Secondtheir, there is confidential information that was programmed as "activators" of new missions. «So what would be the relationship between the recent research activity in the contact places of the Americas, the legacy of the so-called “Brotherhood of the Red Hand” and the theme of the Vigilantes?», I asked her perplexed. At that precise moment a vision of the giants narrated in the Book of the Watchers appeared to me: they had six fingers, a peculiarity that we found in numerous specimens of petroglyphs and rock art located in different contact places on the planet, from New Mexico (not far from Roswell) to the Sierra del Roncador in Brazil, from the Aramu Muru Gate in Titicaca to Talampaya in Argentina, to name a few. And once again I don't think it's the result of chance. I then remembered the biblical passage that reads:
    «There was another war in Gath, during which a very tall man, with six by six fingers, – twenty-four in all – he also was of the lineage of Rapha – reviled Israel» [Chronicles 1, 20:6 ]. (The expression “descendants of Rafa” or “Rephaim” indicates the lineage of giants)

    Ivika helped me understand in this experience that all the individual elements are connected... and that we are proceeding exactly in that direction.

  3. The third concept that was conveyed to me has to do with the preparation of contact and research groups. According to Ivika we concluded, with successes but also errors, a stage of experimentation that allowed us to access from a different perspective certain secrets that according to them needed to be revealed. But after Atacama everything changes again, for the umpteenth time... The new process will require greater preparation and precision, and will open its doors to other travelers who will feel the need to join. As for the Americas, new expeditions to the Andes, especially in the Huascaran and Titicaca regions as well as in the Sierra del Roncador in Mato Grosso, will reveal unique elements. But everything will depend on the will of those who take part, on their dedication to discovery, research and dissemination. They will always be here to guide our efforts but the developments of that process require a certain level of autonomy. A process that suggests not demanding anything from the cosmos if we are not sincerely convinced of honoring the commitment of preparation. Atacama sealed a door. And this time it seems to be the definitive one.

It wasn't a satellite

After a long and careful analysis, the CSSAA (Centre for the Scientific Study of Atmospheric Anomalies) directed by Freeman came to the conclusion that the nature of the filmed object, which appeared in the coordinates previously communicated by Ivika, finds no conventional explanation. We were already convinced of this but we respectfully awaited their results. We can state with certainty that we found ourselves experiencing a new scheduled contact, the eighth open to journalists and researchers of the UFO phenomenon. It should be mentioned that in addition to Freeman's team, numerous faces of ufology from different countries were present: among these, the aforementioned Paola Harris, Filippo Sarpa, members of the Italian Ufological Federation and, even remotely, in connection through Sarpa, the GAUS (Scandicci UFO Academic Group); Giorgio Piacenza, former consultant of the FAP (Peruvian military aviation) on UFO matters and a recognized personality in the sector with over 40 years of career; the Argentine journalists Silvia and Carlos Galliquio of the program “Vidas Consagradas” (ATVC Award); finally, from ChileskywatcherManuel Valdez and the researcher Pablo Zarate.

I want to thank each of the participants for their trust and support. We said this “Yes” together.

The future will be shaped by the decisions we make.

We are not alone. But the work to be done is here, on Earth.

Ricardo González
(translated from Spanish, )