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UFO, “The Rules of the Game”:

1) Incredible and instant acceleration and impossible 90 degree turns

2) Hypersonic speeds without atmospheric signatures

3) Invisibility

4) Immediate aerial and underwater movement ability

5) Anti-gravity capabilities

6) Biological effects


1) Denial of the phenomenon

2) Derision and misinformation

3) Reduction of the phenomenon

4) Reassuring explanation

5) Admission to the reality of the phenomenon

For decades or perhaps centuries and millennia the UFO phenomenon has been playing with human beings. But since 1947 states, governments and their institutions have also decided to participate in this game, in the hope of being able to manage, regulate and guide the UFO phenomenon towards world public opinion. But if the rules of UFOs have never changed, the attitudes of states, institutions and the media have changed many times during recent history. A long story made up of incredible and extraordinary events, secrets and lies, real trials and inconceivable realities. If this was the game up until now, today the time has come to ask ourselves what the next "rules of the game" are. On Sunday 29 October, GAUS, together with its guests and speakers, will try to understand and give answers to uncomfortable, uncertain and burning questions, tackling with honesty and freedom personal experiences and the evolution towards a new collective consciousness, the revolutionary scientific theories on physics of UFOs, and the evidence of their undeniable presence. An absolutely unmissable event for anyone, from the simply curious to the passionate and studious, because never before has the game demanded its own rules...

On the occasion of24th International Ufology Conference in Florence, we have selected well-known experts recognized and appreciated in the UFO panorama, with the aim of thoroughly exploring today's situation, shedding light on ancient shadows and attempting to outline future scenarios, trying to understand what the rules of the game are behind the UFO phenomenon .

This year the conference will be enriched with two extra events aimed at greater interaction with the conference speakers. You can choose to participate in a thematic lunch, choosing to have lunch at the same table as the speakers relating to the "Contact Experiences", or the "Experiences on the Physics of UFOs", or the "Experiences on the Mysteries of Valmalenco". In the afternoon phase of the conference there will be two "Round Table" sessions, one entitled "Ufo Disclosure" and one entitled "Contact Experiences", with the possibility of asking questions not only to the speakers, but also to important exceptional guests such as Garry Nolan, who will speak specifically and exclusively in this phase of the Conference.

While the two "Round Table" sessions are included in the membership fee and are an integral part of the Conference, to participate in the themed lunch it will be necessary to book specifically and pay an additional sum as described in the following section "How to Participate & Info".


Dear navigator, you can easily imagine how the commitment made by us for the realization of this event, in terms of energy, time and money, was, to say the least, enormous. We would like to remind you that the GAUS association does not benefit from any public funding. Our only resources are voluntary donations and contributions from our members.

Precisely for this reason, we ask you to consider a free donation to support our organization.

Your help is precious.


The conventionwill take place at the Auditorium of Santa Apollonia in Florence (address:Via San Gallo 25, Florence) the daySunday 29 October (2023)from 9.30am to 7.00pm. To partecipatepayment is expectedas membership to the Association, and you can reserve your places by confirming the booking via bank transfer to IBAN = IT23H0306938088100000000970 made out to GRUPPO ACADEMIC UFOLOGICO DI SCANDICCI (in the reason for payment, indicate the booking reference surname) offee 20.00 Euros and Send a mailat the booking request.

A thematic lunchit will be possible to access three themes by having lunch together with groups of different speakers. Having lunch together withMarco Galli, Nicolò Di Lella, and Anis Tarzakit will be possible to participate in the lunch with the theme "Contactism Experiences", having lunch withJack Sarfatti and Sabrina Pieragostiniit will instead be possible to participate in the lunch with the theme "Experiences on the Physics of UFOs", while having lunch withPietro Marchetti and Filippo Sarpait will be possible to participate in the lunch with the theme "Experiences on the Mysteries of Valmalenco". Forto participate in the thematic lunchit will be necessarymake a paymentby bank transfer to IBAN = IT23H0306938088100000000970 payable to GROUP ACADEMIC UFOLOGICO DI SCANDICCI, of share20.00 eurosby October 15th specifying as the reason "Surname + Lunch Fee + Section Name" (for example, if Mr. Rossi wanted to participate in the lunch with the theme of "Contact experiences", he should write in the reason for the bank transfer: "Rossi Lunch Fee Experiences of contactism”) edSend a mailat the a reservation request for lunch, specifying the theme in which you intend to participate.

The "panel session", or "panel discussion“, will take place in the afternoon and beyondJack Sarfatti, Stephen Bassett, Pietro Marchetti and Sabrina Pieragostini, will also be presentGary Nolan, American doctor, academic and inventor, who collaborated with the CIA, who became famous in the ufological field for his declarations according to which aliens have already come into contact with our civilization.


The planned interventions may undergo variations independent of the organization.

9:50ANIS TARZAKFrom the altered mind to the quantum mind
10:30SABRINA PIERAGOSTINI«The mysteries of the cup», a journey into the extra-dimensional phenomena of Italy
11:30JACK SARFATTIThe great race: Physic, Paranormal, Time Travel, UFOs
14:40FILIPPO SARPA & MCNABBENCOUNTERS ITALY – 30 minute absolute preview
15:10MARCO GALLICE5: Active contact techniques
16:05ROUND TABLE: UFO DISCLOSUREQ&Aand Discussion with Sarfatti, Nolan, Bassett, Marchetti, Pieragostini
17:30NICOLO' DI LELLAEncounters with aliens: what have we understood?
18:15ROUND TABLE: CONTACT EXPERIENCESQ&A and Discussion with Tarzak, Di Lella, Sarfatti, Galli and other guests

Conference Partners:Extremely



Theoretical Physicist
The great race: Physic, Paranormal, Time Travel, UFOs

Jack Sarfatti is an internationally renowned theoretical physicist who has been recognized for decades.

With a PhD from the University of California's MS Physics, his early career is described in the award-winning book by MIT physics historian David KaiserHow hippies skipped physics(2011, W. W. Norton & Company).

In the 1960s he was a guest of the Max Planck Institute - then under the direction of the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Werner Heisenberg - together with John Archibald Wheeler, an American physicist who participated in the development of the atomic bomb as part of the Manhattan project. Among the various scientific institutions at which he worked there are also the UK Atomic Energy Research Institute (1966-1970, “UK atomic energy research institute”), the University of London (1971-72) together to David Bohm and the “Abdus Salam” International Center for Theoretical Physics (1973-74).

In the 1970s he was the co-founding leader of the Physics/Consciousness Research Group (PCRG), based in California, funded by private philanthropists and the US Department of Defense. Physics historian Kaiser credits the PCRG with educating the mainstream physics establishment about the importance of quantum entanglement for practical applications in computing and cryptography.

In the following decade, Sarfatti was also a scientific consultant to the Institute of Contemporary Studies, then President Reagan's think tank, for the planning of the Strategic Defense Initiative, a project more commonly known in Italy as the Space Shield . During his days at the Institute, Sarfatti was unofficially in contact with the Russian physicist of the Moscow-based Academy of Sciences Igor Akchurin. Sarfatti's work for intelligence was mentioned in the bookSpecial Tasks(1994) written by former Soviet intelligence member Pavel Sudoplatov and with a preface by Robert Conquest, historian of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

For several decades, Sarfatti has been working on the theory behind quantum entanglement as applied to conscious artificial intelligence and the eco-propulsion of low-energy metric engineering.
Nel 2014 si è tenuto a Catania il festival “La natura della Mente”, una settimana di musica e incontri tra fisica quantistica e spiritualità coordinata dalla direzione artistica di Franco Battiato. Enzo Bianco, allora ex ministro dell’Interno e sindaco di Catania, invitò lo scienziato Jack Sarfatti a tenerne la conferenza di apertura.

Interesting curiosity: it seems that the award-winning director Robert Zemeckis, in his very famousBack to the Future(1985), was inspired, for the character of Emmett Lathrop Brown, better known as “Doc”, precisely by the physiognomy and eccentricity of Jack Sarfatti.


I will update the state of UFO physics based on warp drive, time travel, and conscious AI. I will also show you the latest news on the “Sarfatti Field S” tests, performed by the Lawrence Livermore Lab. This field of research and physics is continuously and rapidly evolving.

I will also participate in the "Round Table: UFO Disclosure" with other important guests of the conference.


Online from the USA
Participation in the Round Table session: UFO Disclosure

Dr. Nolan is the Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He studied with Leonard Herzenberg (for his PhD) and with Nobel Prize winner Dr. David Baltimore (for postdoctoral work on the first cloning/characterization of NF-B p65/RelA and the development of rapid production systems retroviral). He has published over 300 research articles and holds 40 US patents and was honored as one of Stanford University's top 25 inventors.

Dr. Nolan is the first recipient of the Teal Innovator Award (2012) from the Department of Defense (a $3.3 million grant for advanced ovarian cancer studies), the first recipient of an FDA BAAA grant, for “Protection from bio-agents,” $3 million, from the FDA for a “Cross-Species Reference Immune System,” and received the “2011 Outstanding Research Achievement” award from the Nature Publishing Group for the development of CyTOF applications in the immune system. Dr. Nolan is leading new studies on Ebola, having developed instrumental platforms for use in the field in Africa to safely study Ebola samples without the need to transport them to laboratories abroad (funded by a new grant of 3.5 million dollars from the FDA).

Dr. Nolan is an ardent advocate of transforming public investment in basic research to benefit the public good. Dr. Nolan was the founder of Rigel Inc. (NASDAQ: RIGL, BINA (a genomics computational infrastructure company sold to Roche Diagnostics) and serves on the boards of directors of several companies and consults with other biotechnology companies. DVS Sciences , of which he was president of the Scientific Council, was sold to Fluidigm for $207 million (in 2014) on an investment of $14 million.

His research areas include hematopoiesis, cancer and leukemia, autoimmunity and inflammation, and computational approaches for network and systems immunology. Dr. Nolan's recent efforts are focused on advancing single-cell analysis using a hybrid mass spectrometry and flow cytometry (CyTOF) device and nanoscale imaging with the “Multiparameter Ion Beam Imager” (MIBI ). The approaches use an advanced ion plasma source to determine levels of labeled reagents bound to cells, enabling a dramatic increase in the number of parameters that can be measured per cell, both as flow cytometry (CyTOF) devices and imaging platforms for cancer (MIBI). Further developments in imaging are made possible by CODEX, a system that economically converts fluorescence microscopes into high-dimensional imaging platforms.

Dr. Nolan's efforts aim to enable a deeper understanding of not only normal immune function, trauma, pathogen infections, and other inflammatory events, but also the detailed substructures of leukemias and solid tumors to enable new insights that improve disease management and clinical outcomes

Participation in the “Round Table: UFO Disclosure”, together with other important guests and speakers of the conference.


Online from the USA
Participation in the Round Table: UFO Disclosure

Stephen Bassett is a political activist, advocate for UFO disclosure, and executive director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), founded in 1996 with the goal of ending the government-imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial-related phenomena. He has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of “Disclosure” – the formal confirmation by heads of state of an extraterrestrial presence interacting with the human race. He has lectured around the world on the political implications of the UAP/ET phenomena and has given over 1200 radio and television interviews. PRG's advocacy work has been widely covered by national and international media, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.

In 2013, PRG organized and conducted a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington. In November 2014, PRG launched a two-year policy initiative in Washington DC, which brought the issue of ETs into the 2016 presidential campaign. Bassett has appeared in numerous documentaries, and his lectures and interviews are widely featured on YouTube .

Steve will soon be part of a new media project based in Los Angeles, California.

Stephen Bassett will participate in the “Round Table: UFO Disclosure” with other important guests of the conference.


From the altered mind to the quantum mind

Anis Tarzak was born in Nice, France in 1980. Of Tunisian origin, he has experienced "contact" with alien entities since his early childhood following the simple rule of keeping his eyes turned to the sky and his feet firmly anchored to the ground. Despite the handicaps that characterized the early stages of his life, he managed to overcome his limits by becoming a "popularizer" of what he learned during his experiences, using the Italian language with which he composed around thirty science fiction books or rather , of pre-science as “They” say. His quantum novel "The dealership", part of the "Chronicles of the altered mind" saga, has been reprinted and updated by Edizioni Ohm of Bologna. For a year he has been the author of the Starseed column on Xtimes magazine. He has been interviewed on various YouTube, radio and television channels including Italia Uno. He has participated as a speaker in conferences and seminars both in Italy, France and Switzerland.

The phases of change. The transformation. The Abduction that I experienced since I was a child is like an alteration of the natural process of time. “Their” presence around me since I was a child has ensured that I experienced a temporal acceleration, aimed at a precise stage of evolution and therefore of mental expansion. And in this particular moment in history, change is required of everyone. I will talk about these contact experiences of mine and it will not just be a story linked to me, but a sharing. Words are keys and together we will find a door to reach a new stage of thought and therefore to expand, like a rubber band, our minds, in the wake of a new time, not in conformity with the time of the sun that we know.

Anis Tarzak will also participate in the “Round Table: Contact Experiences”.



«The mysteries of the cup», a journey into the extra-dimensional phenomena of Italy.

Graduated in Ancient Literature at the University of Pavia with honors, professional journalist since March 1996, she works for the Italia 1 (Mediaset) news program Studio Aperto of which she is editor-in-chief. Since 2008, she has been one of the presenters of the news.

He has been interested in mysteries, UFOs and paranormal phenomena for years: on these border topics he has edited and hosted some TV specials, also collaborating with the program Mistero on Italia 1. Since 2011 he has edited the blog, which later also became a television column .

Sabrina Pieragostini is the author ofMysteries 2013(Mondadori, 2013) and co-author ofUFOs: what governments don't say(Mursia, 2015) with Pablo Ayo, and byUFO-The pilots speak(Mursia, 2020) with Alberto Negri.

A seance many years ago was the starting point for an investigation that led me, together with Flavio Vanetti, to delve into the strangest and most mysterious stories encountered in our work as reporters passionate about mystery. We have thus communicated with the self-styled spirit of Gustavo Rol, reported the testimonies of people who have experienced an NDE (near-death experience), interviewed those who claim to speak with the souls of the deceased, with angels or even with the Madonna, seen places considered cursed, visited castles haunted by ghosts, investigated alleged monstrous creatures, spoke with the protagonists of close encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligences and collected the reflections of those who study these phenomena. A book was born from this, "The mysteries of the cup", in which each chapter is a stage of this journey: we are accompanied by mediums, seers, contactees, psychics, abductees, cryptozoologists, but also doctors, psychologists, university professors who are looking for a scientific explanation.

Sabrina Pieragostini will also participate in the "Round Table: UFO Disclosure".


Councilor Gaus
CE5: Active contact techniques

Born in Sondrio in 1959. Graduated in accounting. The passion for the UFO topic was born in 1969 following a sighting of a cylindrical UFO equipped with windows, which occurred with his father near Jesolo Lido.

Since 2000 he has followed the ufological phenomena of Valtellina and Valmalenco, through the collection of testimonies, photographs and videos, and personally conducting countless on-site investigations. An expert hiker, he has participated as a guide in numerous high-altitude survey expeditions, carried out over the years by various independent researchers.

For years he has participated in specific conferences on the UFO phenomenon present in the various territories and valleys of the province of Sondrio. He is the contact and responsible for Sondrio and the province for GAUS, of which he is a member and councilor.

In recent times, the need for answers on the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials has created a series of favorable situations in which more and more groups of people come together and experiment in the field with certain behaviors which, apparently, positively favor the manifestation of the phenomenon. The contact techniques range from simple mental exercises to complex visualizations, where however the common intention will always have a fundamental role in the success of the experiment.

Marco Galli will also participate in the "Round Table: Contact Experiences".


Encounters with aliens: what have we understood?

Nicolò Di Lella is an internally realized being. He is in physical and telepathic contact with beings from other worlds. He was born on 10 February 1989 in the province of Milan and since 2012 he has been working through conferences, publications and meetings on Awareness and Meditation. He has always had the drive towards Love and bases his choices on it. As a child, he was approached by spiritually superior beings from other worlds.

In 2010 he left his sporting and working career, completely changed his life and followed his spiritual vocation.

In 2012 he began speaking to people to spread the awakening to Awareness.

In 2013 he met the Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light and nine other crew members in Baveno, on Lake Maggiore, and was tasked with disclosing the extraterrestrial reality to the world.

In 2015 he experiences a near-death experience, which changes him profoundly.

In 2019, following a great pain, his mind collapses causing him to flow into Divine Awareness.

He does not pose himself as a teacher, but as a simple individual who shows his brothers the path towards themselves. Author of the books THE FLOWER OF A LIFE, COSMIC HEALING, I AM NOTHING BUT A TRAVELER, COMPENDIUM OF LIGHT, FROM DEATH TO LIFE, EXTRATERRESTRIAL LOVE CONTACTS AND COSMIC UNION.

Nicolò will talk to us about awareness and the profound spirituality that every being can rediscover as the nature of existence itself. He will help us understand how we can open ourselves to existence and live in the “eternal moment”. He will tell us about who we really are and how we can all contribute to the improvement of the planet and beyond. He will share the information that the beings of the Galactic Federation of Light have given him and will tell his experiences of meeting extraterrestrials and the relationships they have with the planet and humanity.

Nicolò di Lella will participate in the “Round Table: Contact Experiences”.


GAUS President
Participation in Round Table sessions

Pietro Marchetti (Bergamo 1970) – for over 30 years a scholar of the UFO/UFO phenomenon Co-author of the only text of analysis and investigation in Italian and one of the very few international books concerning the incredible UFO events that took place in 2007 in the sky over the city of Phoenix ( USA) – “Phoenix's Lights, the true story of an incredible sighting”.

Author of the only international text of analysis and investigation concerning the work carried out by the French government research center (Geipan), for the study of the PAN phenomenon (unidentified aerial phenomena).
“But Which Geipan? An unofficial investigation by a strange body”.

Author and collaborator for the information and dissemination of the Ovni / Ufo phenomenon for the Giornale dei Misteri.
Creator and manager of "Ufogram News", the first channel in the world of UFO news available on the Telegram platform.

Since 2008 he has represented the Scandicci UFO Academic Group as President.

He will participate in the two Round Tables.


Gaus Partner & Documentarian
ENCOUNTERS ITALY – 30 minute absolute preview
Filippo Sarpa
Mark Mcnabb (photo to be inserted)
Filippo Sarpa

Filippo Sarpa: teacher of foreign languages ​​and cultures, independent researcher, author,
translator, conference organizer and presenter

Filippo Sarpa, graduated in Translation from the University of Turin with top marks and honours, is a teacher of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures.

Sarpa does not define himself as a UFO researcher in the strict sense but as a "curious explorer of the unknown" who finds himself involved - often not on his own initiative - in investigations of a different nature aimed at both the so-called external and internal world.

To date, his most substantial contribution to ufology and alternative historiography consists in the creation of a double master's degree thesis discussed at the University of Turin in 2017. As part of an ambitious academic research project which included research on field in Peru, Bolivia, Chile (Easter Island) and the United States, Sarpa examined the extra-terrestrial hypothesis as an anthropological-cultural phenomenon in its two main diachronic dimensions: the presumed contacts in the past (commonly known as the "theory of the ancients astronauts") and, in the present, for about sixty years now, the even more controversial question of the so-called "contactees".
Sarpa's field investigations across the United States and South America have been highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad and have earned him an invitation to present his work at international UFO conferences together with guests of global importance.
In 2018 his thesis was published in Italy with the title Aancient astronauts in South America. Traces of contacts in the past(vv. 1-2, 2018, xPublishing), with the preface by the well-known writer Mauro Biglino.
Sarpa is also the official Italian translator ofUnacknowledged, Truths Denied(2018, Amrita Edizioni) the best-selling investigation by the American ufologist Steven M. Greer, and byContact from Planet Apu(2018, xPublishing), by the Peruvian experiencer Ricardo González. (2016).
Since 2017, in Italy, Filippo has been an organizer, speaker and interpreter in conferences and seminars with international guests.
In 2020 he was chairman of the prestigious International UFO Congress in Florence of the GAUS group, presenting and conducting the event in its entirety in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

To date, Filippo continues to maintain numerous collaborations in multiple fields. The front on which he is most involved is the creation and publication of a documentary, produced by Canadian researchers Mark McNabb and Rob Freeman, on the most controversial Italian UFO event of recent years: the Valmalenco case.

Mark Mcnabb

Mark created Skylight Films in 1996 after graduating from the University of Western Ontario, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in English and Film Studies.

With an extensive collection of film projects, ranging from family adventures to thrillers, documentaries and reality shows, Skylight Films has positioned itself to redefine the role of the Producer within the Canadian film and video industry. Through a direct network with broadcasters and distributors, and using cutting-edge high definition technology, Skylight Films proudly maintains complete control over its projects. Furthermore, thanks to this hands-on approach at every level, including marketing and promotion, Skylight Films has gained effective insight into industry trends.

With an aggressive approach to distribution, Skylight Films has secured multiple broadcast licenses in 30 countries, through Lionsgate Entertainment (DirectTV), ArtistView Entertainment (Super Channel/Netflix) and Canwest Global (Showcase/Mystery/Action).

“Today, in my 35th year as a Television Producer, my vision remains strong in the belief that to be creative is to inspire. Each imagined idea must tell a unique and powerful story, so that you can experience something new and exciting! I am excited to produce the new international documentary series,Making Contact: Be Inspired."

It's almost time for lunch. The sun is strong, it is rapidly reaching the Zenith, the groups of
hikers who initially populated the area on the bridge have already left or settled at their tables. Rob leans against the wooden fence that faces north: his gaze, fixed on the horizon, betrays no emotions. Yet the anticipation is palpable. After several days of uncertainty, hesitation, and replies that neither favored nor killed the hope of a positive response, Filippo assured him that that same day our man would show up at the meeting: Andrea managed, not without difficulty, to convince him to join them at the refuge. Mark, on the other hand, is no longer in his skin, he knows that he will soon be filming a very special story, to use a euphemism, a story that will irreversibly change the perception of the events that have been taking place in the heart of the valley for a long time. A story that perhaps, with a little luck, will offer the two Canadian adventurers the opportunity to decipher the mystery that they have been chasing relentlessly for years in every corner of the world. Roberto remained standing on the west side of the bridge, the view opens out over the entire valley: «He passed the last one
hairpin. Is coming
» warns.

What transpires behind closed doors over the next two hours will test the belief systems of everyone who sits at that table. Some have already heard some of those stories, others have even experienced them firsthand with him, but listening to them again in that context, at the foot of a legendary stone giant over 3000 meters high around which the most incredible events in Italy orbit , strikes with a completely different force. But it's not just for stories that eight almost perfect strangers between Italy and Canada found themselves spending an entire week in a high mountain refuge.

In front of Mark McNabb's camera and Rob Freeman's telephoto lenses, the lives of at least eight travelers of different ages, origins, experiences, visions of the world and longings found their intertwining in some of the places most full of extraordinary phenomena in the whole of the world. country: an exciting journey that started from the esoteric Turin and the infamous Monte Musinè, cutting across northern Italy towards the Natural Reserve of Rock Engravings in Valcamonica and finally arriving at the "valley of UFOs", Valmalenco.

Where do we come from? Who we are? Where do we go? We respond to the spiritual testament of Paul Gauguin with the most specific counter-questions that an attentive listener could not help but ask.

Why does Rob Freeman want to collect evidence of the presence of other intelligences on this planet at all costs? What force leads him to invest funds, time and energy, every resource at his disposal to scour the planet in search of extraordinary manifestations? What convinced Mark McNabb to follow him? Why, among all the stories he can tell with his art, has he chosen to delve into this crazy multiverse in which doubts far outweigh certainties and risks the chances of success?

And who are the Italians involved in the plot? What kind of bond have Felice Sirtori and Enrico Rossi developed with this magical place? How did they come to be the most important custodians of knowledge and stories affecting the Valley? How does Enrico at 80 years of age maintain that contagious enthusiasm for discovery experienced firsthand? What did Andrea understand about himself in his wanderings between the Valley and South America? What pieces of his journey have you collected? What conclusions did he come to?

And what is Philip, who isn't even a ufologist, doing there? And for what absurd reason does he venture off the path in the evening accompanied only by the faint light of his torch? What drives him to risk even his own physical safety, to desperately seek an encounter that is potentially destructive to the psyche of any human being? What epiphany does he hope to achieve?

One year after the very first presentation in Italy of the Canadian video-documentary project, GAUS has the pleasure and honor of offering you a 30-minute absolute preview of Encounters – Italy accompanied by the narration of Filippo Sarpa and crowned by a Q&A session with the authors in live connection with Canada.

Rob Freeman, researcher, and Mark McNabb, producer and director, both Canadian, began their journey to discover the UFO mystery a few years ago and yet they have already visited - at their own expense - over twenty countries around the world. Their projects “UFO World Explorer” (Freeman, 2015) and “Encounters” (2021) were born in Toronto with the ambition of investigating the phenomenon across the globe with the classic tools of the trade and in the most well-known so-called hotspots of the sector , but with new interesting premises and promises: to tell the phenomenon by narrating the people who experience the phenomenon, be they experiencers, researchers or simple "seekers", those who welcome the sacred call to discovery that emerges from the most hidden depths of their essence.


GAUS member

Born on 07/26/1992 in Turin, resident in the Valli di Lanzo Mountain Community, where she grew up and obtained her primary and secondary school education. Having graduated from the Liceo Linguistico F. Albert in Lanzo Torinese, she then continued her linguistic studies by undertaking a university course at the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and Modern Cultures of the University of Turin. There you initially obtained a three-year degree in Linguistic Mediation Sciences (L-12 German and English) and later a master's degree with top marks in Translation (LM-94, German and English). You currently work as a foreign language teacher.

Nonostante l’impostazione prettamente linguistica del suo percorso di studi, insieme al compagno di studi Filippo Sarpa matura una passione per la ricerca antropologica, disciplina che entrambi hanno avuto modo di approfondire sostenendo alcuni esami inseriti come crediti liberi nel loro piano di studi. Tale passione li porta, a partire dal 2014 a collaborare al progetto confluito nei loro lavori di tesi di magistrali. L’interesse per la ricerca antropologica si unisce a quello per il mistero legato alle origini dell’umanità e al suo ruolo nell’universo, tematiche che da sempre affascinavano entrambi. Inizialmente, l’intero progetto si basava sull’esplorazione del mondo degli antichi astronauti attraverso un vero e proprio “incontro umano”, ovvero la ricerca di un contatto diretto con i suoi protagonisti: studiosi, ricercatori, scrittori, ma anche semplici appassionati. L’incontro si è tradotto nella partecipazione ad eventi, conferenze nazionali ed internazionali, nell’effettuazione di interviste, e soprattutto, nell’organizzazione del soggiorno di lavoro sul campo in Sudamerica, tra Perù, Bolivia ed Isola di Pasqua in Cile. L’area di ricerca è stata selezionata in base alla ricchezza di complessi, siti e reperti archeologici interpretati dai teorici degli antichi astronauti come prove di un contatto extraterrestre con le antiche civiltà precolombiane. Tuttavia, nei mesi di preparazione al lavoro sul campo, precedenti alla partenza, Sara e Filippo hanno stabilito importanti contatti con alcuni dei relatori seguiti ai convegni che, interessatisi al progetto , si sono resi disponibili ad offrire il proprio contributo. In particolare, l’amicizia stretta con la giornalista investigativa in campo ufologico, l’italo-americana Paola Harris, ha ampliato i loro orizzonti stimolando l’interesse ad indagare anche il fronte esopolitico contemporaneo, ovvero le ricerche correlate ad ipotetici contatti tra civiltà extraterrestri ed individui o gruppi di individui nel presente. Per tale ragione, con l’accumulo di nuove informazioni ed esperienze, è maturata l’idea che il progetto potesse effettivamente concentrarsi su entrambe le dimensioni temporali del presunto contatto interplanetario, nel passato e nel presente.

Thus in May 2015 the investigation on the UFO side began in parallel, focused on the analysis of alleged cases of interaction between extraterrestrial civilizations and human beings, which saw:

winners of a scholarship aimed at young ufologists, organized by the American radio Conscious Evolution Radio and participation in November 2016 as speakers at the international conference produced by StarworksUSA, known as the UFO Symposium in Laughlin, in the State of Nevada: event annual event on the ufological theme, lasting 3 days and featuring the participation of important guests in the sector from all over the world.

organizers of the conferences held in Turin last summer of important personalities in the sector, such as the famous investigative journalist in the ufological field Paola Harris and the Peruvian contactee and researcher Ricardo González;

translators of “Contact from the planet Apu. Messages from the future" by Ricardo González published by Nexus Edizioni and "Truths denied. Unacknowledged. Alien contacts, why don't we talk about it” by Steven M. Greer published by Edizioni Amrita;

The research project resulted in two master's theses in cultural anthropology, entitled "Ancient astronauts in South America. On the trail of an interplanetary contact in the past" and "Exopolitics: messages from other worlds", works written in equal measure by both fellow students and then assigned for purely formal reasons to Filippo and Sara respectively.

Sara Rolando is also a translator together with Marco Baldini of “Pascagoula. The Closest Encounter,” by Calvin Parker.