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We live in a universe that is made up of at least four dimensions, three of space and one of time, to which must be added a Fifth Dimension.

What is the Fifth Dimension? For a physicist, it could be an extra spatial dimension that would allow us to explain the universe and dark matter, while for others it could also be the gateway to knowledge, curiosity, the ability to observe and investigate nature and broaden our horizons. Perhaps both points of view are true.

Today, we are facing a paradigm shift, a new way of conceiving realities and what escapes the definitions of science, philosophy and religion.

Scientists, philosophers, religious and ordinary citizens have sought solutions to the great enigmas of the Universe.

On the occasion of the 23rd International Conference of Ufology in Florence and 10th edition of the "Sons of the Stars" International Meeting, we have selected well-known experts recognized and appreciated in the ufological panorama, with the aim of fully exploring today's situation, shedding light on ancient shadows and groped to outline future scenarios.


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Theconventionwill take place at the Auditorium of Santa Apollonia in Florence (address:Via San Gallo 25, Florence) the daySunday 13 November (2022). Payment is expectedas membership of the Association, you can reserve your seats by confirming the reservation by bank transfer to IBAN = IT23H0306938088100000000970 in the name of GRUPPO ACADEMICO UFOLOGICO DI SCANDICCI (in the reason please indicate the booking reference surname) offee 20.00 Euros and Send a mail at the address with reservation request.


The planned interventions could undergo variations independent of the organization.



10:00 FRANCO MARCUCCI Encounters with aliens: what did we understand?
10:40 ISABELLA DALLA VECCHIA & SERGIO SUCCU Ancient alien presences in Italy
Discovering unpublished traces of extraterrestrial visitors from the distant past
11:35 SABRINA PIERAGOSTINI Peter Kolosimo, the man who created the ancient astronauts
24:20 HAPPY SIRTORI The “Fumin” of Valmalenco


From Canada to the valleys of Northern Italy, an innovative and counter-current production challenges the clichés of UFO showbusiness.
15:00 JOAQUIM FERNANDES From epidemics to Marian apparitions in Portuguese history
16:15 RONY VERNET Abnormal phenomena and close encounters in the Amazon.
The official investigations of the Brazilian government
The Varginha incident
Results and evolutions of the VUT project
18:40 DEBATE

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Il giornale dei misteri



Peter Kolosimo, the man who created the ancient astronauts

Graduated in Ancient Literature at the University of Pavia with full marks, professional journalist since March 1996, she works for the Italia 1 news (Mediaset) Studio Aperto of which she is editor in chief. Since 2008, she has been one of the presenters of the news.

For years he has been interested in mysteries, UFOs and paranormal phenomena: on these borderline topics he curated and conducted some TV specials, also collaborating with the Mistero di Italia 1 broadcast. Since 2011 he has edited the blog, which later became a television column .

Sabrina Pieragostini is the author of Mysteries 2013 (Mondadori, 2013) and co-author of UFO: What Governments Don't Say (Mursia, 2015) with Pablo Ayo, and by UFO-The pilots speak (Mursia, 2020) with Alberto Negri.

One hundred years ago, Peter Kolosimo was born: journalist, writer, science communicator and among the first in the world to have hypothesized a close connection between human history and the Aliens, through the analysis of finds, graffiti, monuments that seem to testify to the presence on Earth. of civilizations in space in ancient times. Before Erich Von Daeniken, before Zecharia Sitchin, it was Kolosimo who inaugurated the literary genre of Paleo Astronautics and his books - such as "Non è terrestre", an international bestseller - made him the most translated and best known Italian author in the world in the seventies. But what did the father of the Ancient Astronauts Theory think of flying saucers? Were his works really UFO texts or science fiction novels disguised as essays?


Live streaming from Brazil
Abnormal phenomena and close encounters in the Amazon. The official investigations of the Brazilian government

Rony Vernet is an electronic and computer engineer specializing in telecommunications and industrial automation. He has extensive experience in developing computer vision software and applications using artificial intelligence. He is currently following his master's degree in physics at the Brazilian Scientific Center in the area of ​​scientific instrumentation applied to atmospheric phenomena and cosmic rays. He served as a military engineer with the Brazilian Navy Corps of Engineers and is currently an employee of the Brazilian federal government in the energy sector for over 10 years. He is also a lecturer in physics and electronics.
Since 2018 he has been working as a field researcher of anomalous phenomena in Brazil.

In 2020, through the Brazilian law on freedom of information, he obtained from the Brazilian government more than 120 pages of documents and more than 20 minutes of videos on anomalous phenomena that have affected the Amazonian populations.

In June 2022 he presented a report on these events to the Brazilian Senate, on the occasion of the first public hearing to investigate the UFO phenomenon.

It coordinates the Vigil Project to build stations to collect data on these phenomena and has already built a UFO monitoring pilot station in the Amazon.

In 1977, several unidentified flying objects started killing people in fishing villages located near the seas and rivers of Brazil. They have been described as cylindrical vehicles, often spotted with beings inside that, through beams of light, caused physiological damage to the people who lived on the banks of the rivers in the state of Maranhão. These anomalous phenomena subsequently moved to the state of Pará, causing panic in the various communities. This culminated in a Brazilian Air Force investigation called Operation Saucer. In the following years (2014 - 2016), the phenomenon reappeared in the indigenous communities in the state of Acre. Following these umpteenth phenomena, several investigations were carried out by the Brazilian security agencies, including the Federal Police. Thanks to the Brazilian law on freedom of information, many official documents and videos of the above phenomena have been released over the years.


GAUS member
Encounters with aliens: what did we understand?

Franco Marcucci (Florence 1942), industrial expert in telecommunications, lives in Florence. Passionate about science since he was a boy, he later became interested in the UFO problem and landed at CUN (National UFO Center) in 2002 becoming a member in 2003. Currently Coordinator of the Tuscany Region for the CUN, member of the GAUS (Scandicci UFO Academic Group) and member of the SUF (Florentine UFO Section), he collaborated with the magazineUFO News and now UFO International Magazineof the CUN.Speaker at numerous conferences, he is one of the authors of the fifth volume of"UFO in Italy"1977-1980 The great wave, C. Tedeschi, Florence, 2007 and the sixth "UFO in Italy ", 1981-2000 The century ends,by the authors SUF Firenze, 2012.

In 2015, reorganizing the historical archive of the SUF, he produced two volumes in A4 formatUFOTarget Italy, of 1340 pages, which collects the most complete descriptions of the most significant Italian cases of the last century.

In 2018 with his friend and colleague Moreno Tambellini he wrote the essayThe white paper of UFOs in Italy, the most reliable cases, published by Armenia, Milan, obtaining, on the occasion of the congress in Rome on 27 October 2018, the national literary prize "James E. McDonald" on the subject of UFOs and the prospects of research on extraterrestrial life.

In 2020 he wrote the essayAlien Identity,physics and behavior of entities observe, published by Phasar, Florence.


For over eighty years now, in all parts of the world, there have been reports of landings of apparently not of this world and with them the presence of certain strange beings that came out of these machines and naturally piloted them. These observations have been many and both civil and military scholars have begun to take seriously the reality of the beings who were aboard those vehicles.

A reality that appeared immediately and still appears impenetrable and difficult to understand due to the absurdity of certain actions and certain controversial behaviors of the occupants, but which has now become incontrovertible due to the immense amount of documents that prove it and for the numerous confirmations of authoritative men of science.

In this long period we have witnessed a series of incredible and indecipherable events, which involved encounters of human beings with entities of various kinds, allegedly extraterrestrial in nature, whose understanding remains a field of great discussion and always difficult to accept. However, it turns out that these encounters do not belong only to our recent civilization, but seem to be lost in time.

This study aimed to make a comparative analysis on their physical characteristics, their external appearance, certain strange objects that they wear apparently for defense purposes and their multiple behaviors derived from over three hundred cases of meetings of the 3rd and 4th ° type (cases of kidnapping) occurred in various countries of the world.

The result is an intricate and disconcerting picture in which diversities cannot be counted and together with completely human beings, very different and disturbing creatures are opposed, whose nature seems to be out of any reality.

However, in this complicated picture many common elements are evident, showing us some glimmers on what could be the interpretation of this mysterious reality, which has its roots in the past, and it is precisely in that direction the connection that we must seek.


GAUS member
From Canada to the Valleys of Northern Italy, an innovative and counter-current production challenges the clichés of UFO showbusiness.

Filippo Sarpa, graduated in Translation from the University of Turin with full marks and honours, is a professor of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature, independent researcher, author, translator, conference organizer and presenter.

Sarpa does not define himself as a UFO researcher in the strict sense as a "curious explorer of the unknown" who finds himself involved - often not on his own initiative - in investigations of various kinds aimed at both the so-called external and internal worlds.

To date, his most substantial contribution to ufology and alternative historiography consists in the realization of a double second level degree thesis discussed at the University of Turin in 2017. As part of an ambitious academic research project that included research on field in Peru, Bolivia, Chile (Easter Island) and the United States, Sarpa examined the extra-terrestrial hypothesis as an anthropological-cultural phenomenon in its two main diachronic dimensions: the alleged contacts in the past (commonly known as the "theory of the ancients astronauts ") and, in the present, for about sixty years now, the even more controversial question of the so-called" contacted ".
Sarpa's field investigations across the United States and South America have been highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad and have earned him the invitation to present his work at international UFO-themed congresses together with guests of global importance.
In 2018 his thesis was published in Italy with the title Ancient astronauts in South America. Traces of contacts in the past (vv. 1-2, 2018, xPublishing), with the preface by the well-known writer Mauro Biglino.
Sarpa is also the official translator into Italian of Unacknowledged, Verità Negate (2018, Amrita Edizioni) the best-selling investigation by the American ufologist Steven M. Greer, and of Contatto dal Pianeta Apu (2018, xPublishing), of the Peruvian experiencer Ricardo González. (2016).
Since 2017, in Italy, Filippo is organizer and speaker and interpreter at conferences and seminars with international guests.
In 2020 he was chairman of the prestigious UFO International Congress in Florence of the GAUS group, presenting and conducting the event in its entirety in three languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Rob Freeman and Mark McNabb, Canadian producer and director, began their journey to discover the UFO mystery a few years ago and yet they have already visited - at their expense - over 15 countries in the world. Their UFO World Explorer was born in 2015 in Toronto with the ambition to investigate the phenomenon across the globe with the classic tools of the trade and in the so-called best-known hotspots in the sector, but with new interesting premises and promises: no more high-sounding declamations of to open up horizons to the sidereal unknown as well as kind and punctual invitations to recognize and narrate dimensions so close to us, so patent - perhaps the most unconsciously coveted ones - that they have remained hidden in plain sight.
Like any mystery seeker who hears and welcomes the call within himself, we initially rely on a wide angle on the UFO universe in its countless expressions and manifestations: from civil and military sighting to contactee, from an archeology of eras and civilizations. lost up to the links with the occult meanders of the human psyche. As provincial tourists on the panoramic bus of an overseas metropolis, we are happy to be enchanted by the fullness with which extra-ordinary stimuli envelop and tickle our senses in the first and ephemeral moments of the experience.
Progressively, the stroboscopic frenzy of the merry-go-round gives way to more and more circumstantial medium fields: the noise fades, the enchantment of the bright colors melts to reveal unexpected close-ups, hidden angles on which the eye of most, conditioned by decades of UFO salons and the entertainment industry to astonishing macroscopic figures, rarely manages to settle. But those who practice the art of identifying galaxies in a grain of dust know very well what exquisite gifts they can bestow knowing how to reverse their focus: only when the observer calms his vain cerebral obsession with knowledge and indulges in contemplation does he then come to the awareness that its target does not cages a damn thing, that the size of the gun does matter up to a certain point. And it is precisely at that point that he himself discovers light, lens and film. He no longer tries to grasp the ineffable but recognizes himself in it in the sweetest of surrenders.
Seventy years of science and pseudoscience, of possibilist approaches, of a priori closure, of censorship, of deceit, of half-truths; seventy years of passion, of alignments, of conflicts, of warnings, of messianic messages, of debunking, of ancestral desires to go beyond the wall of physical perceptions, of the body and of human knowledge dissolve and coagulate in new meanings.
In this wandering among mountains, lakes, forests and rocks in every corner of the globe, one cannot but take note of being only supporting actors - never directors - in a scenography populated by intelligence and technological variations in incalculable quantity and quality.
But the paradox is, by definition, almost always hilarious: for every Venusian, reptilian or gray, for every probe, disk or mothership, for every fifth type contact, abduction or government cover up that ends up under the knife of our eager inquisitions. , the more we try to enlarge the detail in search of objective validations or denials, the more we will be led to see nothing but our reflection.
And being able to tell the odyssey will have been the most magical of adventures.


CTEC Portugal
From epidemics to Marian apparitions in Portuguese history

Joaquim Fernandes is a retired professor at the Fernando Pessoa University of Porto, co-founder of the Center for Transdisciplinary Consciousness Studies (CTEC) of this institution and co-editor of the Cons-Sciences journal, published by the same Center at the UFP. Graduated in History, he holds a Masters in History and Modern History, with a work on "Religiousness and spirituality in Portugal in the 17th century". He received his PhD in History of Science with a thesis on "The extraterrestrial imaginary in Portuguese culture - from modernity to the mid-19th century", presented at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Porto, the first of his subject (History) in a European academy.

He is interested in comparative religious anthropology, with particular attention to the phenomena of popular religiosity and spirituality and to controversial issues of history. He studies the most heterodox and unknown aspects of the history of ideas and sciences, the development of scientific models, in particular as regards the different cosmologies and world views, and the debate between science and religion. Among the most recent research projects are the identification and characterization of sources and currents of thought and heterodox thoughts in Portugal, between the last decades of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century under the Portuguese Republic.

He has covered culture in the national newspaper “Jornal de Notícias” in Porto, where he has published hundreds of scientific and cultural articles. Dr. Fernandes regularly participates in television and radio broadcasts on "Frontiers of Science" themes and has written several historical and religious research works, some of which have been translated for English-speaking countries. He is a member of several international bodies such as Stanford University's Society of Scientific Exploration, Temple University's Society for Frontier Science, History of Science Society and ESSSAT (European Society for the Study of Science and Theology). He is the coordinator of the international MARIAN Project, based at the CTEC Center, which studies the cultural and scientific aspects of the phenomena of religious apparitions, such as that of Fatima in 1917.

Since 1997 he has promoted the organization of various international conferences with the generic title "Frontiers of science" at the Fernando Pessoa University, and has collaborated in the organization of the conference "Science and consciousness", proposed by the Bial Foundation, included in the Porto 2001 program , European Capital of Culture. More recently he organized the publication of an anthology of essays on “Newton heretic”, of which José Manuel Anes is co-author. In 2007 and 2008 he published in the United States (Anomalist Books) a trilogy of works on the phenomena of Fatima. On the basis of his doctoral thesis he has published books in Portuguese since 2008: “Worlds, myths and fears. The sky in Portuguese poetry ”; “Heavenly domains. The extraterrestrial imaginary in Portuguese culture ”and, as organizer, the anthology“ From other worlds: Portuguese and extraterrestrials in the twentieth century ”.

His biography was selected for the "Dictionary of Portuguese personalities of the twentieth century", included in the calendar program "Porto, European capital of culture", published by Porto Editora, 2001.

Epidemics are among the most feared and frequent threats to the survival of humanity. Historical evidence of these events abound and among the extraordinary events recorded in Portugal we will mention the bubonic plague epidemic which occurred in 1889, with particular attention to the city of Porto. This thematic connection can be traced back to the theme of the famous Marian apparitions of which the case of Fatima of 1917 is the most widespread in the world. The second part of the intervention analyzes a framework of references and correlations that frame the phenomenon of the Marian apparitions in its historical overview, highlighting its common origins and correlations with intrinsic and extrinsic factors of the environment in which they occurred and which constitute what we can define "the ecology of apparitions".


GAUS member
The "Fumin" of Valmalenco

Born in Sondrio in 1959. Graduated in accounting. The passion for the UfO topic was born in 1969 following a sighting of a cylindrical UFO with windows, which took place with his father in the town of Jesolo Lido.

Since 2000 he has been following the UFO phenomena of Valtellina and Valmalenco, through the collection of testimonies, photographs and videos, and personally conducting countless investigations on the spot. An expert hiker, he has participated as an escort in numerous investigative expeditions at high altitude, carried out over the years by several independent researchers.

For years he has participated in specific conferences on the UFO phenomenon present in the various territories and valleys of the province of Sondrio. He is the contact person and responsible for Sondrio and the province for the GAUS, of which he is a member.

For several decades, Valmalenco, an alpine valley located in the province of Sondrio, has been the scene of anomalous events including the presence in the sky of mysterious flying "bodies", as well as the sighting of strange creatures that local witnesses once relegated to the sphere of myth and folklore.

At the beginning of the second decade of the current millennium there has been both an exponential growth of these events and a different way of manifesting themselves.
In fact, the humanoid creatures sighted on several occasions in the woods, on the alpine pastures at high altitude and even near homes, now seem to want to interact with us humans ... With what purpose?


Mysterious places
Ancient alien presences in Italy: discovering unpublished traces of extraterrestrial visitors from the distant past
Isabella Dalla Vecchia

He obtained the Diploma of Master of Art at the Beato Angelico private institute in Milan and attended several post-diploma courses including the Brera Academy in Milan. Passionate about ancient art, symbolism, archaeo mysteries and ancient traditions, she founded the portal with Sergio, one of the first enigmas and mysteries themed realities in Italy. She collaborated with the broadcast of Italia 1 "Mistero" and appeared in various programs of national networks, including "Linea Verde Orizzonti" (RAI 1), "Si Viaggiare" (RAI 2), "Freedom" (Italia 1), «Extremamente» by Studio Aperto (Italy 1), «Città Misteriose» (Focus TV). She has also been interviewed on various national radios (Radio Deejay, Rai Radio 2, Radio Mediaset, Radio Kiss Kiss, Radio Capital) and has collaborated with national magazines (Mistero Magazine, Fenix, Hera, Italia Misteriosa, Misteri d ' Italy). You officially presented Guy Ritchie's (Warner Bros) "King Arthur the Power of the Sword" in Rome. She is the author of several books, among the most important are "Places of Strength" (Sperling & Kupfer editions) and "Ancient alien presences in Italy" (Il Punto d'Incontro).


Sergio Succu

Electrotechnician by profession, work that allowed him to deepen the studies on magnetism and electromagnetism related to ancient technologies. Always passionate about ufology and archaeo mysteries, attracted from birth to what binds the stars to the most ancient archaeological sites. He founded the portal with Isabella Dalla, one of the first enigmas and mysteries themed realities in Italy. He collaborated with the Italia 1 program «Mistero» and appeared on national networks including «Extremamente» by Studio Aperto (Italia 1) and on national radios including Radio Deejay and Radio Norba. He has collaborated with national magazines (Mistero Magazine, Fenix, Hera, X Times, Italia Misteriosa, Misteri d'Italia). He is the author of several books, the most important being "Places of Strength" (Sperling & Kupfer editions) and "Ancient alien presences in Italy" (Il Punto d'Incontro).

Aliens in Italy?Is it possible that in the distant past the aliens, in addition to having visited some places in the world, have also left traces in Italy?

After having dedicated an entire life to the collection of mysterious Italian places, Sergio Succu and Isabella Dalla Vecchia have identified several anomalies on possible alien contacts in Italy in the distant past. The upside-down Sardinian man, the 4-eyed being of Abini, the mysterious prayers and climate control, the solar wheels and the clipeus ardens, the radiant heads, the giants of Monti Prama, the strange circular eyes and the correlation with ancient automata, the spheres of light, the Caven stele and the fresco by Teglio, the text that would speak of the famous Montalcino satellite are the stages proposed in this meeting, fascinating questions that will put the famous astronauts of Valcamonica almost in the background. The answers to numerous questions have been elaborated on elements provided by our ancestors, real messengers who have shown constant visits by the Lords of the Stars, in the form of changing lights, discs that obscured the sun, contacts with beings descended from the sky, endowed with super powers, feared and adored, always and constantly called gods of the sky and the cosmos.


GAUS President
PASSENGERS: results and evolutions of the VUT project

Pietro Marchetti (Bergamo 1970) – for over 30 years a scholar of the UFO/UFO phenomenon Co-author of the only text of analysis and investigation in Italian and one of the very few international books concerning the incredible UFO events that took place in 2007 in the sky over the city of Phoenix ( USA) – “Phoenix's Lights, the true story of an incredible sighting”.

Author of the only international text of analysis and investigation concerning the work carried out by the French government research center (Geipan), for the study of the PAN phenomenon (unidentified aerial phenomena).
“But Which Geipan? An unofficial investigation by a strange body”.

Author and collaborator for the information and dissemination of the Ovni / Ufo phenomenon for the Giornale dei Misteri.
Creator and manager of "Ufogram News", the first channel in the world of UFO news available on the Telegram platform.

Since 2008 he has represented the Scandicci UFO Academic Group as President.

A year has passed since the start of the VUT – Valmalenco Ufo Target project, a project still under development and updating concerning the remote photographic monitoring of various locations in Valmalenco and the province of Sondrio, which over the years have been theater of numerous events of a ufological nature.

Although we cannot have reached a definitive balance, today we can certainly draw some important indications and confirmations of the final objective of this project, namely the demonstration with automated and unassailable photographic evidence, that the skies of Valmalenco and some places in the province of Sondrio, have long been the scene of aerial events of an unknown nature.

The name "Passenger" to this evolution of the VUT project, wants to be not a provocation, but a possible confirmation of an initial hypothesis, that the nature of these mysterious aerial phenomena is of non-human origin.


GAUS member

Born on 07/26/1992 in Turin, resident in the Valli di Lanzo Mountain Community, where she grew up and completed her primary and secondary education. Graduated from the Liceo Linguistico F. Albert in Lanzo Torinese, she then continued her linguistic studies by undertaking a course of university studies at the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and Modern Cultures of the University of Turin. There he initially obtained the Bachelor's degree in Linguistic Mediation Sciences (L-12 German and English) and later the master's degree with full marks in Translation (LM-94, German and English). He currently works as a foreign language teacher.

Nonostante l’impostazione prettamente linguistica del suo percorso di studi, insieme al compagno di studi Filippo Sarpa matura una passione per la ricerca antropologica, disciplina che entrambi hanno avuto modo di approfondire sostenendo alcuni esami inseriti come crediti liberi nel loro piano di studi. Tale passione li porta, a partire dal 2014 a collaborare al progetto confluito nei loro lavori di tesi di magistrali. L’interesse per la ricerca antropologica si unisce a quello per il mistero legato alle origini dell’umanità e al suo ruolo nell’universo, tematiche che da sempre affascinavano entrambi. Inizialmente, l’intero progetto si basava sull’esplorazione del mondo degli antichi astronauti attraverso un vero e proprio “incontro umano”, ovvero la ricerca di un contatto diretto con i suoi protagonisti: studiosi, ricercatori, scrittori, ma anche semplici appassionati. L’incontro si è tradotto nella partecipazione ad eventi, conferenze nazionali ed internazionali, nell’effettuazione di interviste, e soprattutto, nell’organizzazione del soggiorno di lavoro sul campo in Sudamerica, tra Perù, Bolivia ed Isola di Pasqua in Cile. L’area di ricerca è stata selezionata in base alla ricchezza di complessi, siti e reperti archeologici interpretati dai teorici degli antichi astronauti come prove di un contatto extraterrestre con le antiche civiltà precolombiane. Tuttavia, nei mesi di preparazione al lavoro sul campo, precedenti alla partenza, Sara e Filippo hanno stabilito importanti contatti con alcuni dei relatori seguiti ai convegni che, interessatisi al progetto , si sono resi disponibili ad offrire il proprio contributo. In particolare, l’amicizia stretta con la giornalista investigativa in campo ufologico, l’italo-americana Paola Harris, ha ampliato i loro orizzonti stimolando l’interesse ad indagare anche il fronte esopolitico contemporaneo, ovvero le ricerche correlate ad ipotetici contatti tra civiltà extraterrestri ed individui o gruppi di individui nel presente. Per tale ragione, con l’accumulo di nuove informazioni ed esperienze, è maturata l’idea che il progetto potesse effettivamente concentrarsi su entrambe le dimensioni temporali del presunto contatto interplanetario, nel passato e nel presente.

Thus in May 2015 the investigation on the UFO side began in parallel, focused on the analysis of alleged cases of interaction between extraterrestrial civilizations and human beings, which saw them:

winners of a scholarship directed to young ufologists, announced by the American radio Conscious Evolution Radio and participation in November 2016 as speakers at the international conference produced by StarworksUSA, known as the UFO Symposium in Laughlin, in the State of Nevada: event annual on the UFO theme, lasting 3 days which counts with the participation of important guests from the sector from all over the world.

organizers of the conferences held in Turin last summer by important personalities in the sector, such as the famous investigative journalist in the ufological field Paola Harris and the Peruvian contactee and researcher Ricardo González;

translators of “Contact from the planet Apu. Messages from the future ”by Ricardo González published by Nexus Edizioni and by“ Truth denied. Unacknowledged. Alien contacts, why don't we talk about it ”by Steven M. Greer published by Edizioni Amrita;

The research project resulted in two master's degree theses in cultural anthropology, entitled “Ancient astronauts in South America. On the trail of an interplanetary contact in the past "and" Exopolitics: messages from other worlds ", works written in equal measure by both fellow students and then assigned for purely formal reasons respectively to Philip and Sara.

Sara Rolando is also a translator, together with Marco Baldini, of “Pascagoula. The Closest Encounter ”, by Calvin Parker.