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The disclosure process presses on the accelerator.

In recent months, very important statements on the UFO phenomenon have been released by authorities such as the Pentagon, the Navy and the Senate of the United States of America and NASA.

In a tweet, Luis Elizondo, former leader of the AATIP program and former director of the group "To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science", assures that «Phase II is being worked hard to demonstrate validity of the topic. Now, it is our duty to involve our international friends and partners. You already know that this is not unique to the United States, it is a global fact. Is the international stage ready? I think yes". It seems that something decisive is boiling in the pot.

Since December 2017, the most intriguing and controversial phenomenon ever discussed in the history of our civilization has been the subject of a series of official claims and the authorized release of official material which, in all likelihood, constitutes a crucial turning point for theevolution of matter. After over seventy years of what most researchers and enthusiasts have defined as the most colossal cover-up operation ever perpetrated against all citizens of the world, institutions are starting to publicly show more than just openness.

For this reason, on the occasion of XXII International Ufology Conference of Florence and dellto IX edition of the International Meeting "Sons of the Stars", we have selected eight of the most recognized and appreciated experts in the world with the aim of fully exploring today's situation, shedding light on ancient shadows and groped to delineate future scenarios.

Domenica 14 novembre 2021, saremo onorati di proporvi sia a casa vostra online, che fisicamente in presenza, il nostro evento, dal titolo “Arrivals: Disclosure and Encounters”. Ciò che offriamo al nostro pubblico è un’esperienza innovativa e coinvolgente:


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The planned interventions could undergo variations independent of the organization.

The intervention that will be highlighted in this lineup will be the one in progress.

Local time Nation Speaker / Speaker Subject / Title
ITALY Rapporteur
09:30 09:30 Italy Pietro Marchetti, Sabrina Pieragostini, Sara Rolando Opening and Welcome
09:40 09:40 Italy Sabrina Pieragostini (Chairman ITA)
Sara Rolando (Chairman ENG)
Introduction to the conference
09:45 09:45 Germany Paolo Guizzardi The ummita question today
Questions and Answers session
10:30 10:30 Italy Lachezar Filipov Scientific Arguments about Extraterrestrial and Alien Life and Why the Facts Are Not Always Accepted by Governments
Questions and Answers session
11:30 11:30 Switzerland Sabrina Pieragostini The science of UFOs: the Galileo Project arrives
Questions and Answers session
12:45 Lunch break
14:15 14:15 Italy Roberto Pinotti The problem of UFO-crashes before Roswell
15:00 10:00 USA Barry Downing UFOs and the Bible: three questions
Questions and Answers session
16:00 11:00 USA Kathleen Marden The UFO abduction of Betty and Barney Hill: what we know 60 years later
Questions and Answers session
17:00 Coffee Break
17:15 17:15 Italy Pietro Marchetti VUT: Valmalenco Ufo Target
Questions and Answers session
18:00 11:00 USA Luis Elizondo Questions and Answers session
18:40 Surprise guest Surprise
19:00 19:00 Italy Pietro Marchetti, Sabrina Pieragostini, Sara Rolando Closing of the Conference

Conference Partner: The Journal of Mysteries

Il giornale dei misteri



In diretta streaming dalla Svizzera
The science of UFOs: the Galileo Project arrives

Graduated in Ancient Literature at the University of Pavia with full marks, professional journalist since March 1996, she works for the Italia 1 news (Mediaset) Studio Aperto of which she is editor in chief. Since 2008, she has been one of the presenters of the news.

For years he has been interested in mysteries, UFOs and paranormal phenomena: on these borderline topics he curated and conducted some TV specials, also collaborating with the Mistero di Italia 1 broadcast. Since 2011 he has edited the blog, which later became a television column .

Sabrina Pieragostini is the author of Mysteries 2013 (Mondadori, 2013) and co-author of UFO: What Governments Don't Say (Mursia, 2015) with Pablo Ayo, and by UFO-The pilots speak (Mursia, 2020) with Alberto Negri.

In recent months, the approach to the UFO / UAP issue seems to have changed not only in the world of politics and among the mass media, but also in the scientific field. Emblematic is the case of Avi Loeb, a theoretical physicist from Harvard who launched a new initiative, the Galileo Project, to study with the most advanced astronomical instruments everything anomalous that crosses our skies, from mysterious interstellar bodies such as Oumuamua to objects (or phenomena) not identified.


Live streaming from the United States
Q&A with Luis Elizondo

Luis Elizondo, holds a Bachelors degrees in Microbiology, Immunology, and Parasitology and a Minor in Chemistry from the University of Miami. During this time he had the opportunity to get in touch with government intelligence agencies and enlisted in the American army.

He worked as a counterintelligence agent in South Korea and Southwest America and later became an Intelligence Operations Officer, carrying out protection missions for American soldiers and personnel in Afghanistan and the Middle East. He therefore worked actively in an international environment, supporting the global war on terrorism.

He later moved to Washington DC where he was assigned the role of Foreign Investigation Officer. During this period he worked in various agencies and organizations.

In 2008 he was asked to join the now famous ATTIP, or the “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program”. In 2010, as a member of the staff of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, he took over the direction of the program. The purpose of the program was to carry out scientific and intelligence investigations into the incursions into US airspace by Unidentified Airborne Phenomena (UAPs).

In 2017, he reluctantly resigned from the direction of the project and his position within the Pentagon, with the aim of pursuing a process of opening up the phenomenon of UAPs. The decision by Elizondo was taken to be able to dismantle all the bureaucracy that tries to cover up and hide a collective dialogue on the phenomenon.

In 2018 he began to work actively with A & E's History Channel, both in editing and as a guest, within the television series: "UNIDENTIFIED: Inside America UFO Investigation".

From 2020 he decided to devote himself to the process of disclosure globally, claiming to be only at the first stages of that long journey we have just undertaken.

Live from the United States, the front man of this disclosure phase Louis Elizondo will make himself available for a lengthy interview and will also answer your questions. In fact, you can ask him your curiosity and your questions both in the dining room and at home: we will soon show you how to actively participate in the Q&A sessions (i.e., Questions and Answers), provided for all our guests, always in two languages ​​(Italian and English).


Live streaming from the United States
The UFO abduction of Betty and Barney Hill: what we know 60 years later

Kathleen Marden is one of the leading exponents of ufology of our times. Since 1990 he has been investigating the strange nature of UFOs and associated non-human entities, thanks to his experience, research and indigenous, highly advanced complex aerial vehicles. His research was based on the consultation of numerous collections of archives, up to the involvement of the American government in the investigation of UFOs and in its most important studies. This has allowed her to have a deep knowledge of the UFO subject that few are able to have.

She earned a bachelor's degree in social sciences and was employed as an educator and educational services coordinator as she was finishing school. She is a certified practitioner of regressive hypnosis and the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techinque. It also offers group support to “Awakening Souls” for those who feel a strong call to be part of the answer and to assist those who are beginning to awaken their relationship with NHI.

His interest in UFOs and contact began in 1961, when his aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney Hill, had a close encounter resulting in a kidnapping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He spent fifteen years scrupulously investigating the Hill kidnapping case, and continues to carry out scientific investigations into the compelling evidence of the case to this day.

His best-selling book, written with nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman (1934-2019) is: “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience ". She and Stanton worked together for about 14 years and collaborated on the writing of two other books, titled “Science Was Wrong"And"Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers". His book with Denise Stoner "The Alien Abduction Files" includes his investigations of six intergenerational abduction / contact cases. His fifth book, "Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You've Been Abducted“, Represents a complete guide to Contact, for Investigators, those who love them, for professionals who work with Investigators and for the interested public. She is also a contributor to Edgar Mitchell's FREE Foundation: “Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence”. His essays have been published in many other books and magazines. His books are available on Amazon come on Barnes and Noble in all formats. To obtain autographed copies, visit his website:

She has also appeared in front of the cameras of major television channels and programs such as Discovery, History, National Geographic, Destination America, Science, and Travel channels and on many other documentary channels. More recently his work has focused on Ancient Aliens and several shows on the Travel Channel. Kathleen has lectured in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom. He has also lectured online in Denmark and China.

In 2021 she was the winner of the award International UFO Congress Lifetime Achievement Award.

The UFO abduction of the Hill spouses in 1961 is the most scientifically studied and extraordinary case of its kind in history. Today modern scientists have made new discoveries that have left open-mouthed and that bring further confirmations on the veracity of the meeting had by the Hill spouses. Kathleen Marden, granddaughter of Betty and Barney Hill, and a leading global researcher of the UFO phenomenon, shows a fascinating PowerPoint presentation focusing on what happened to the Hill spouses, the evidence and new scientific discoveries related to this case.

(Link to Kathleen Marden's website)


Live from Santa Apollonia (Florence)
VUT: Valmalenco Ufo Target
Pietro Marchetti (Bergamo 1970) - for over 30 years a scholar of the Ovni / Ufo phenomenon Co-author of the only text of analysis and investigation in Italian and one of the very few international books concerning the incredible UFO events that took place in 2007 in the sky of the city of Phoenix ( USA) - "Phoenix's Lights, the true story of an incredible sighting".
Author of the only international text of analysis and investigation concerning the work carried out by the French government research center (Geipan), for the study of the PAN phenomenon (unidentified aerial phenomena). - “But Which Geipan? An unofficial investigation by a strange body ".
Author and collaborator for the information and dissemination of the Ovni / Ufo phenomenon for the Giornale dei Misteri.
Creator and manager of Ufogramnews, the world's first UFO news channel available on the Telegram platform.
Since 2008 he has represented the Scandicci UFO Academic Group as President.
VUT, Valmalenco Ufo Target is the first worldwide project of automated investigation concerning the anomalous aerial phenomena that have been found in Valmalenco (Sondrio) for decades. The goal of the VUT project is to acquire real object evidence on the aerial presence of this phenomenology, thanks to the use of automated instruments capable of obtaining data that can be analyzed with temporal continuity in different locations in the valley.

The presentation of the VUT project will be accompanied by the results of the fourth digital forensic analysis, concerning a daytime photographic series, of two unidentified flying objects taken in January 2021 in the skies of Valmalenco.


Live from Florence
The problem of UFO-crashes before Roswell

In 1972 he obtained a degree in political science applied to sociological sciences at the University of Florence “faculty of political sciences”, Italy. Since 1975 he has been enrolled in the register of journalists. He was the first Italian researcher to go in 1989 to Mohenjo-daro the ancient city destroyed by a sudden catastrophe and dating back to the Bronze Age, located on the right bank of the Indus river, in the current Pakistani region of Sindh, at 300 km north-northeast of Karachi.

In 1992 he graduated in Business Administration and Management Science at the Higher Institute of Business Management and Economics in Lugano, Switzerland. Speak fluent English; in reading he understands French and Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

In 2017 he was awarded the certificate of "excellence" by the Constantinian International Academy of medical, legal and social sciences.

Roberto Pinotti has been one of the founders of the CUN National UFO Center since 1967. Pinotti is also Vice President of CIRPET (*). He is also a lover of mystery, esotericism and symbolism that he divulges and teaches not only in countless conferences and symposia organized by him, but also through appearances on TV and direct on the WEB.

In addition to this he is a prolific author of essays and fiction and has produced more than 50 titles edited by the most important publishing groups such as Mondadori, Giunti, Bompiani, Fabbri Editori, Milton Sette, Armenia, Edizioni Mediterranee, Editoriali Olimpia. His books have been translated into English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese.

The asteroid 12470 Pinotti was dedicated to him, discovered on 13 January 1997 by the amateur astronomer Maura Tombelli of the Astrofili Group of Montelupo Fiorentino.

From 1971 to 1972 he was NATO Lieutenant in the III Missile Artillery Brigade. From 1972 to 1989 he worked as an executive commercial service in the LANCIA / FIAT group. From 1975 to 1985 he is a free lance scientific journalist and author of numerous books on various aerospace topics. In 1985 he was appointed Vice President of FUTURO Ltd., Firenze Aereospaziale company, a position he held until 1995. From 1989 to 1995 he was appointed Director of Research and Marketing Consultant of FUTURO Ltd. From 1995 to 2020 he worked as editor and director of magazines : UFO NEWS, ALIEN DOSSIER and UFO NEWS professional periodicals for Italian CUN

The problem of UFO-crashes appeared in the USA already 50 years before in Roswell, with the case of Aurora (Texas) in 1897 during the "wave" of sightings of the mysterious "airships" of 1996-97. But it is with 1933 that the problem moves to Italy, with the crash of an "unconventional aircraft" in Lombardy, near Magenta and the establishment of a "Cabinet RS / 33" aimed at retro-engineering studies from the analysis of the sightings collected and directed by Guglielmo Marconi. Then, with 1942, the problem reappears in the USA with the phantom "Battle of Los Angeles" and the alleged downing of two mysterious aircraft in California, followed by the controversial episode of Trinity in New Mexico. The report aims to clarify the issue by distinguishing the true from the false in a case study that anticipated the Roswell case of 1947.

Here is the link to Roberto Pinotti's personal website:


Live streaming from Berlin
The ummita question today

Paolo Guizzardi was born in Bologna in 1956 and is an electronic engineer. Since 1990, he has worked for the Minister of Foreign Affairs as an ICT manager.

Paolo is a member of the National UFO Center and of the ICER.

He has participated as a speaker in several international UFO congresses and has worked as a translator in many others. He is fluent in Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German languages. He played a pivotal role in inviting and bringing Tom DeLonge and Luis Elizondo to Rome in October 2018.

What have we got hold of? What have we been able to understand? What knowledge do we have of this phenomenon, more than half a century after the first Ummite letters? These are just some of the questions that Paolo Guizzardi will try to answer in his speech.

Link not currently available.


Live streaming from the United States
UFOs and the Bible: three questions

Reverend Dr. Barry Downing is a Pastor Emeritus of the Presbyterian Church of Northminister, Endwell, New York. He holds a BA in Physics from Hartwick College, a Bachelor's Degree in Divinity from Princeton Theolological Seminary and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he specialized in the relationship between science and religion. His thesis is entitled: "Eschatological Implications of the Understanding of Time and Space in the Thought of Isaac Newton”, And was made available by the University to be downloaded online.

In 1968 he published a book called "The Bible and Flying Saucers", which has been reprinted numerous times both in the United States and in Europe, while in 2017 he published the book "Biblical UFO Revelations". He became a religion consultant to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in 1972, has published more than two dozen articles for the MUFON Journaland has appeared in numerous MUFON conferences. He has published several articles in Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters edited by Ronald B. Story, and his name appears in "Who's who in Theology and Science ". He also published in magazines "Ancient Astronaut", "UFO magazine ", And "Flying Saucer Review ".

Downing has been frequently interviewed on radio and television, and has appeared in several episodes of the "Ancient Alien" series on the History Channel since 2009.


Abstract not available at the moment.

Links not currently available.


Live from Santa Apollonia (Florence)
Scientific Arguments about Extraterrestrial and Alien Life and Why the Facts Are Not Always Accepted by Governments

UFOs have fascinated me since my early school years, years when I saw one above Sofia with a small telescope, in 1968.

Later, during the academic and doctoral years, I was lucky enough to study and work with leading scientists, such as Professor Shkolovsky, Professor Kardashov, Professor Zeldovich and Professor Sakharov. From them I learned a lot about the theoretical existence of extraterrestrial life and other civilizations. During this time I became a Doctor of Astrophysics, Non Linear Physics and Quantum Physics.

Between 1983 and 1990, as a member of the SETI commission at the "International Astronautical Federation" (I am an academic of the "International Astronautical Federation"), I also had the great fortune of working with Professor Carl Sagan. These contacts and influences convinced me of the existence of extraterrestrial life and other civilizations.

Since 1980 I have been working at the "Space Research and Technology Institute" and I am Director at the Department of Space Astrophysics, an institute that deals with the creation and use of scientific instruments for the observation of astrophysical objects in the ultraviolet, X and gamma rays.

I am a scientific specialist in the theory of Black Holes and the Primordial Universe. I participated in the preparation and organization of space flights of two Bulgarian astronauts and I conducted the physics space program of the second Bulgarian astronaut gaining experience on manned space flights and in general on everything related to astronautics.

After forty years of scientific research, I am firmly convinced of the existence in the Universe of numerous forms of intelligent life and civilization; and it was this belief that drove me to promote the truth about UFOs and aliens.

I have also taken part in dozens of interviews on both radio and television, as well as in numerous newspapers and magazines. I also organized four international conferences related to the concepts of "Alien Mind and UFO Phenomenon" with the participation of the most important researchers of the UFO phenomenon from all over the world.


My speech will be an examination of the UFO phenomenon entitled: "Scientific Arguments regarding Extraterrestrial and Alien Life and why the facts are not always accepted by Governments".

In this paper I will talk about the scientific basis for the existence of life, exoplanets and civilizations that we may encounter.

Links not currently available.


CHAIRMAN (Italian language)

Graduated in Ancient Literature at the University of Pavia with full marks, professional journalist since March 1996, she works for the Italia 1 news (Mediaset) Studio Aperto of which she is editor in chief. Since 2008, she has been one of the presenters of the news.

For years he has been interested in mysteries, UFOs and paranormal phenomena: on these borderline topics he curated and conducted some TV specials, also collaborating with the Mistero di Italia 1 broadcast. Since 2011 he has edited the blog, which later became a television column .

Sabrina Pieragostini is the author of Mysteries 2013 (Mondadori, 2013) and co-author of UFO: What Governments Don't Say (Mursia, 2015) with Pablo Ayo, and by UFO-The pilots speak (Mursia, 2020) with Alberto Negri.


CHAIRMAN (English language)

Born on 07/26/1992 in Turin, resident in the Valli di Lanzo Mountain Community, where she grew up and completed her primary and secondary education. Graduated from the Liceo Linguistico F. Albert in Lanzo Torinese, she then continued her linguistic studies by undertaking a course of university studies at the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and Modern Cultures of the University of Turin. There he initially obtained the Bachelor's degree in Linguistic Mediation Sciences (L-12 German and English) and later the master's degree with full marks in Translation (LM-94, German and English). He currently works as a foreign language teacher.

Nonostante l’impostazione prettamente linguistica del suo percorso di studi, insieme al compagno di studi Filippo Sarpa matura una passione per la ricerca antropologica, disciplina che entrambi hanno avuto modo di approfondire sostenendo alcuni esami inseriti come crediti liberi nel loro piano di studi. Tale passione li porta, a partire dal 2014 a collaborare al progetto confluito nei loro lavori di tesi di magistrali. L’interesse per la ricerca antropologica si unisce a quello per il mistero legato alle origini dell’umanità e al suo ruolo nell’universo, tematiche che da sempre affascinavano entrambi. Inizialmente, l’intero progetto si basava sull’esplorazione del mondo degli antichi astronauti attraverso un vero e proprio “incontro umano”, ovvero la ricerca di un contatto diretto con i suoi protagonisti: studiosi, ricercatori, scrittori, ma anche semplici appassionati. L’incontro si è tradotto nella partecipazione ad eventi, conferenze nazionali ed internazionali, nell’effettuazione di interviste, e soprattutto, nell’organizzazione del soggiorno di lavoro sul campo in Sudamerica, tra Perù, Bolivia ed Isola di Pasqua in Cile. L’area di ricerca è stata selezionata in base alla ricchezza di complessi, siti e reperti archeologici interpretati dai teorici degli antichi astronauti come prove di un contatto extraterrestre con le antiche civiltà precolombiane. Tuttavia, nei mesi di preparazione al lavoro sul campo, precedenti alla partenza, Sara e Filippo hanno stabilito importanti contatti con alcuni dei relatori seguiti ai convegni che, interessatisi al progetto , si sono resi disponibili ad offrire il proprio contributo. In particolare, l’amicizia stretta con la giornalista investigativa in campo ufologico, l’italo-americana Paola Harris, ha ampliato i loro orizzonti stimolando l’interesse ad indagare anche il fronte esopolitico contemporaneo, ovvero le ricerche correlate ad ipotetici contatti tra civiltà extraterrestri ed individui o gruppi di individui nel presente. Per tale ragione, con l’accumulo di nuove informazioni ed esperienze, è maturata l’idea che il progetto potesse effettivamente concentrarsi su entrambe le dimensioni temporali del presunto contatto interplanetario, nel passato e nel presente.

Thus in May 2015 the investigation on the UFO side began in parallel, focused on the analysis of alleged cases of interaction between extraterrestrial civilizations and human beings, which saw them:

winners of a scholarship directed to young ufologists, announced by the American radio Conscious Evolution Radio and participation in November 2016 as speakers at the international conference produced by StarworksUSA, known as the UFO Symposium in Laughlin, in the State of Nevada: event annual on the UFO theme, lasting 3 days which counts with the participation of important guests from the sector from all over the world.

organizers of the conferences held in Turin last summer by important personalities in the sector, such as the famous investigative journalist in the ufological field Paola Harris and the Peruvian contactee and researcher Ricardo González;

translators of “Contact from the planet Apu. Messages from the future ”by Ricardo González published by Nexus Edizioni and by“ Truth denied. Unacknowledged. Alien contacts, why don't we talk about it ”by Steven M. Greer published by Edizioni Amrita;

The research project resulted in two master's degree theses in cultural anthropology, entitled “Ancient astronauts in South America. On the trail of an interplanetary contact in the past "and" Exopolitics: messages from other worlds ", works written in equal measure by both fellow students and then assigned for purely formal reasons respectively to Philip and Sara.

Sara Rolando is also a translator, together with Marco Baldini, of “Pascagoula. The Closest Encounter ”, by Calvin Parker.