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UFO: Back to the Future



Disclosure is pushing on the gas.

Over the last months, major statements have been made about the UFO phenomenon by the Pentagon, the Navy and Senate of the United States.

In one of his latest tweets, Luis Elizondo, former leader of the AATIP and now Director of the “To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science”, affirms that "we are working diligently on Phase II of efforts to validate this topic. We now MUST engage our INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS and PARTNERS. As you already know this is not only a U.S. phenomenon, it is indeed GLOBAL. Is the international stage ready? I think so". It seems that something pivotal is boiling in the UFO pot.

Since December 2017, the most intriguing and controversial subject in the history of our civilization has witnessed a series of official declarations and documental releases which are very likely to determine a crucial turning point in its evolution. Institutions are opening up publicly after more than seventy years of what most researchers and enthusiasts around the world consider to be the biggest cover-up ever perpetrated against the citizens of humanity.

In such times of looming decisive changes, it becomes essential to interrogate ourselves about the future of the UFO phenomenon and its study. And asking the right questions about tomorrow requires both a deep digging into yesterday and a never-resting alert eye on today.

This is why we have gathered eight of the most renowned world experts to discuss the present-day situation, to shed light on a shadowy past and to explore the forthcoming scenarios of ufology at our first online international congress “UFO: Back to the Future”. On Sunday, November 15th 2020, the XXI International UFO Conference of Florence, Italy, and the VIII International Meeting "Figli delle Stelle" will be honored to offer you an innovative, pioneering and engaging experience to enjoy in total comfort and at no expense:

Domenica 15 novembre 2020, dopo vent’anni di edizioni in presenza per il GAUS e sette per Extremamente, saremo onorati di portare direttamente a casa vostra il nostro primissimo evento online dal titolo “UFO: Back to the Future”. Ciò che offriamo al nostro pubblico è un’esperienza innovativa, pionieristica e coinvolgente, da godere nel massimo del comfort e senza costo alcuno:



The international event of the year will be broadcasted live from the Auditorium Santa Apollonia in Florence (Italy) and will be open to the members of GAUS and Extremamente only, in conformity with the national public health regulations.

In the section below you will find all info about the event, updates and, of course, how you can become part of it.

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At the end of each speech you will be given the opportunity to interact with each the speaker through our live Q&A session. All information in the next section “Q&A SESSION”.



At the end of each speech, it will be possible to interact with the speaker in a live Q&A session. To ask the speaker a question, post it as a COMMENT to our YOUTUBE live broadcast sticking to the following formula: "SPEAKER'S LAST NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS: your question". Example: "SARFATTI: Why, in your opinion, do scientists deny the possession of technologies capable of time travel?" It is strongly recommended, before posting your question, that you read the comments posted before your own in order both to verify that your question has not already been asked and to "VOTE" the questions you like most. You can do this by simply clicking on the icon "thumbs up” placed under each comment. The most voted questions will be selected by our moderators to be submitted to the speakers live. We remind you that in order to post comments on YouTube you must log in with your account. If you don't have it, you need to register on the platform.


The below schedule may be subject to variations

Local timeCountrySpeaker / ProtagonistSubject / Speech Title
09:3009:30ItalyPietro Marchetti, Sabrina Pieragostini, Filippo SarpaOpening and Welcome
09:4009:40ItalyFilippo Sarpa (Chairman)Introduction to the conference
09:5016:50KoreaGo Han‧ Presented by Sara RolandoThe Possibility of Alien Life Forms and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
Sara RolandoQuestions and Answers session
10:2024:20RussiaNikolay SubbotinProject Setka: governmental UFO research in the URSS and Russia
Questions and Answers session
11:0011:00ItalySabrina PieragostiniUFOs and the Intelligence Community
Questions and Answers session
24:0011:00EnglandPhilip MantlePascagoula - The closest encounter
Questions and Answers session
13:00Lunch break
14:3014:30ItalyFilippo Sarpa (Chairman)Introduction to the afternoon session
14:4009:40ChileJosé LayChile: the pilots’ close encounters
Questions and Answers session
15:3011:30ArgentineRicardo GonzálezThe ET contact and the destiny of humanity
Questions and Answers session
16:30Coffee Break
16:458:45USAMichael MastersThe Extratempestrial Model: A Time Travel Approach to the UFO Phenomenon
Questions and Answers session
17:4508:45USAJack SarfattiUFOs / Tic Tacs / UAV - Physics explains them all
Questions and Answers session
18:3018:30ItalyPietro Marchetti, Sabrina Pieragostini, Filippo SarpaClosing of the Conference



UFOs and the Intelligence Community

Graduated in Classical Studies at the University of Pavia, Italy, with full marks, and professional journalist since March 1996, she is now editor-in-chief of the Italian tv news program “Studio Aperto” (on channel, Italia 1, Mediaset Group). Since 2008 she has also been one of the top presenters of the news.

Her long-standing interest in mysteries, UFOs and paranormal phenomena has led her to conduct and edit a number of tv specials on such topics, also in cooperation with the top-rated Italian tv show “Mistero” on channel Italia 1. Since 2011 she has also been the Director of the blog “”, which has become a television column of channel Italia 1.

Sabrina Pieragostini is the author of the book Misteri 2013(“mysteries 2013” published by Mondadori in 2013, e-book version) and the co-author of UFO: quello che i Governi non dicono (“UFO: what governments don’t tell us”, published in 2015) with Pablo Ayo, and UFO - Parlano i piloti (“UFO: pilots speak out”, published by Mursia in 2020) with Alberto Negri.

For at least a century now, the manifestation of unexplained phenomena related to the presence of aircrafts of unknown nature have drawn the attention of intelligence agencies, due to self-evident issues of national security. This interest is now even more obvious in the light of recent political developments and official declarations. Among the most important facts that prove a sudden and intriguing change of attitude by the US institutions are included: the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) videos released by the Pentagon, the request of the US Senate Intelligence Committee to obtain all the information available on the matter, and the creation of a dedicated task force under the US Navy to investigate UFO sightings.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the whole world of espionage has been involved in the investigation at different levels. It must not be forgotten that nowadays intelligence agencies possess technology capable of keeping every corner of the planet and its atmosphere under control. Therefore, it is not far-fetched to assume that there must be tons of information not shared with public about those “intruders” in our skies that we call UFOs.


Pascagoula - The closest encounter

Philip Mantle is a highly regarded and active British author/co-author, publicist, lecturer, broadcaster and researcher of Unidentified Flying Objects.

He has achieved many milestones in the field since his interest in UFO research began in 1979 when he joined the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), and Yorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS). He subsequently acted as Press Officer, Conference Organizer and Secretary to the National Investigations Committee within the BUFORA. In 1988, Mantle was appointed the Mutual UFO Network's (MUFON's) United Kingdom Representative and, in 1993, Director of Investigations with BUFORA.

He has also been involved in magazine editorship and consultancy work with numerous magazines, including “Quest Magazine”, “Beyond the Magazine”, “British European Associated Publishers LTD”, where he was a consultant from December 2000 to March 2001, and “UFODATA magazine”.

Mantle co-authored Beyond Roswell (1997, Michael O'Mara Books Ltd, UK) with German researcher Michael Hesemann and was also a consultant for The Soviet UFO Files (1998, Quadrillion Publishing, New York), by Paul Stonehill, founder of the Russian Ufology Research Center.

On October 11, 1973, two colleagues went fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. They were Charles Hickson (42) and Calvin Parker (18). That night these two fishermen would find themselves involved in an encounter with something beyond their understanding.

The day after they reported their incredible incident to the police, the story hit the headlines and went around the world. Reporters and UFO researchers flocked to this small Mississippi town. One of those who arrived was the eminent UFO scientist and researcher Dr J. Allen Hynek, accompanied by Dr. James Harder. Both men confirmed that they believed the two witnesses were telling the truth. In the months following the event Charles Hickson was only too happy to talk about the meeting and went on TV and appeared at UFO conventions. On the other hand, Calvin Parker did not want to talk to anyone and remained silent for over 45 years.

Only two years ago, did Parker finally decide to break his silence…


UFOs / Tic Tacs / UAV - Physics explains them all

Jack Sarfatti is an internationally renowned theoretical physicist who has been recognized for decades.

With a Ph.D, MS. in Physics from the University of California and BA in physics from the Cornell University, his early career is described in the award-winning book by MIT physics historian David Kaiser How hippies saved physics (2011, WW Norton & Company).

He visited (1966) Werner Heisenberg's Max Planck Institute with John Archibald Wheeler, an American physicist who participated in the development of the atomic bomb as part of the Manhattan project. Among the various scientific institutions for which he worked is the UK Atomic Energy Research Establishment (1966-1970), the Birkbeck College (University of London, 1971-72) with David Bohm, and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics of Trieste, Italy (1973-74).

In the 1970s, he became the co-founder and leader of the California-based Physics / Consciousness Research Group (PCRG), based in California and funded by private philanthropists and the US Department of Defense. Physics historian David Kaiser credits PCRG for alerting the establishment of mainstream physics to the importance of quantum entanglement for practical applications in computing and cryptography.

In the following decade, Sarfatti was also scientific advisor to the Institute of Contemporary Studies, a think tank established under President Reagan’s administration, where Sarfatti helped to plan the Strategic Defense Initiative with back-channels to physicist Igor Akchurin at the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Sarfatti’s work in the intelligence community is also mentioned in the book Special Tasks (1994) by former Soviet intelligence member Pavel Sudoplatov and with a preface by Robert Conquest, historian of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Sarfatti has been working for several decades on the theory behind the applications of quantum entanglement to conscious artificial intelligence and the ecological propulsion of low-energy metric engineering.
Nel 2014 si è tenuto a Catania il festival “La natura della Mente”, una settimana di musica e incontri tra fisica quantistica e spiritualità coordinata dalla direzione artistica di Franco Battiato. Enzo Bianco, allora ex ministro dell’Interno e sindaco di Catania, invitò lo scienziato Jack Sarfatti a tenerne la conferenza di apertura.

Fun fact: it is believed that Academy Award winning director Robert Zemeckis, in his famous Back to the Future (1985), was inspired, for the character of Emmett Lathrop Brown, better known as "Doc", precisely from the physiognomy and eccentricity of Jack Sarfatti.

Our speaker claims to have solved the mystery of how "Tic Tac" and all "UFOs" fly using only the traditional theoretical physics of Maxwell, Einstein, Feynman, Frohlich and a few other physics giants. He also claims to have solved the so-called “Hard Problem” (David Chalmers) or the problem of how matter generates our conscious experiences: he firmly believes that these two problems are intimately connected.

Jack Sarfatti has come to the conclusion that the Tic Tac appeared in the close encounters with the US Navy and the alleged "Gate Portal" suspended above the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah must have been controlled by a post-quantum computer conscious artificial intelligence. "Time travel is here among us, but in my opinion most scientists deny it ".

We are all looking forward to hearing what appears to be one of the most exciting scientific speeches in the history of the UFO congresses.


The Extratempestrial Model: A Time Travel Approach to the UFO Phenomenon

Dr. Michael P. Masters is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana.

He earned a PhD in Anthropology from Ohio State University in 2009, where he specialized in hominid evolutionary anatomy, archeology, and biomedicine. He has taught biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archaeology, economic anthropology and globalization, sociology, and cultural diversity at The Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College, and The Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio before accepting his professor position at Montana Tech.

Collectively, Dr. Masters's; cultural background, education and current research program combine to offer a unique perspective and new approach to addressing the unanswered questions relating to a widely recognized, but poorly understood, aspect of modern-day global culture.

In his new book Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon(2019, Masters Creative) he challenges readers to consider new possibilities on our ever-changing understanding of time and time travel.

This presentation carefully examines the claim that "aliens" are our distant human descendants and returning from the future to study their evolutionary past as hominids. It also examines how the trend of incessant human evolution, if ideally prolonged into the future, would lead us to attribute to our descendants the same physical, behavioral and technological characteristics constantly described in the authentic relationships of close encounters with these beings and their artifacts.

This intervention seeks to offer a new multidisciplinary approach to investigate the UFO phenomenon, ranging from current academic research related to the evolution of hominids, astronomy, physics and astrobiology. We will also see how this research offers new insights into the evolution of humanoid extraterrestrial life and how we might be able to understand these and many other enigmatic aspects of the natural world.


The ET contact and the destiny of humanity

Ricardo González Corpancho, born in Lima, Peru in 1974, is a tireless explorer, researcher, writer, composer and above all, one of the most recognized and appreciated witnesses to the alleged extraterrestrial contact in the world.

To date, he has spent more than 25 years divulging his extraordinary experiences and scrupulously investigating the UFO phenomenon. González has gained great international notoriety because on no less than eight different occasions he has invited members the press and famous specialists in the field to participate in what he calls "planned sightings" - all of which have taken place successfully. Among the most eminent participants, who in turn have confirmed the authenticity of such experiences, Dr. Michael E. Salla - pioneer of the exopolitics movement - the Canadian researcher Grant Cameron and the journalist Paola Harris - former assistant to American astronomer Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek, the father of modern ufology.

Ricardo González is the author of over 20 books in English and Spanish, most of which are published by the Luciérnaga publishing house, part of the Grupo Planeta España. Il 2018 ha visto la pubblicazione del suo primissimo saggio in lingua italiana, Contatto dal Pianeta Apu. Messaggi da una civiltà del futuro, edito da XPublishing e tradotto dai ricercatori torinesi Filippo Sarpa e Sara Rolando.

A tireless traveler, he has traveled around the world several times to conduct his investigations in the so-called “places of power” on the trail of the "unidentified". His quest for the secrets hidden in the depths of the Earth have led him to explore, among the wildest, the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, the Altaj Mountains in Siberia, the Mato Grosso forest in Brazil, the Tayos caves in Ecuador and the Peruvian Manú forest searching for the mythical lost city of Paititi.

He currently lives in Argentina, at the foot of the legendary Cerro Uritorco, a mountain particularly known for the unusual phenomena related to UFO sightings that have been occurring there for a long time.

Humanity has recently begun to formulate fundamental questions about itself and its future that require adequate answers: are we about to witness an extraordinary event? Why are scientists looking for new habitable planets? What lies beneath Stephen Hawking's project to reach Alpha Centauri? Could it be possible that our civilization and the alleged extraterrestrial intelligences visiting our planet are connected by an indissoluble bond?

Ricardo Gonzalez will try to answer the fateful questions of our time by offering us a captivating synthesis of his more-than-twenty-year contact experience with the alleged members of an interstellar civilization located four light years away from our planet.

GO HAN • Speech presented by Sara Rolando (GAUS)

The Possibility of Alien Life Forms and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Go Han is an anthropologist and researcher at the Hanyang University of Seul, South Korea. His recent publications and works include the redefinition of human evolution and the analysis of collectivist cultural values.

In his research he employs what is considered an interdisciplinary scientific approach. According to Han, in order to be able to give exhaustive answers to the great questions of knowledge in continuous evolution over time, a specific field of science is not enough. Instead, it is necessary to adopt an all-encompassing and multidisciplinary approach.

While the link between Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or Unidentified Flying Objects (UAP or UFOs) and the existence of alien life has long been discredited as pseudoscience, an increasing number of government disclosures and reports on UFOs and their witnesses have recently surfaced that challenge this assertion. However, it is often difficult to believe in the possibility of alien visitors due to the gap between verified UAP sightings and urban legend-like stories of aliens. In the well doumented paper Go Han examines multifaceted information and provides a holistic overview to assess the obscurity and controversy behind UAP.
Presentation will be focused on documented accounts from children witnesses involved in UAP encounters and on korean pilots UFO event.
The key similarities between UFO sightings and their long and continuous history recorded by witnesses with credentials support the likelihood of alien visitors.


Project Setka: governmental UFO research in the URSS and Russia

Nikolai Subbotin, born in 1974, graduated from Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, Perm City, Russia, in "Primary Classes and Alternative Pedagogy". He is a journalist, author, producer, director, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, explorer and founder of the Russian Scientific UFO Station (RUFORS) to whom we owe in 1996 the creation of the first website dedicated to UFO studies in Russia.

An active journalist since 1990 and a passionate researcher of anomalous phenomena, Subbotin has written hundreds of articles for national and international newspapers and magazines. For years he has organized and participated in investigative expeditions to sites of alleged UFO incidents located in different areas of the world.

His dedication to field research has allowed him to make dozens of science-themed films and documentaries for Russian TV channels and broadcasters REN-TV, TV-3 and NTV and also for all-news channels in the United States, Japan and several European countries.

He was a scientific collaborator, in 2005, of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems of the Center for Strategic Studies and, in 2010, of the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, both based in Moscow.

He is the author of the books Russkij bermudskij treugol'nik (“The Russian Bermuda Triangle”, 2009, EKSMO) and Po tu storonu real'nosti ("From the other side of reality", 2017, Belye al'vy)

In 2012 he was also regional director of MUFON for the Russian Federation.

The most important example of governmental UFO investigation in Russia is a project called Setka ("Small Network"), carried out between 1978 and 1991. The project started right after the famous "Petrozavosk Phenomenon" of 1977, which drew attention even outside the USSR’s borders and pushed the Soviet authorities to undertake systematic research on the issue. The Setka project, under various names, was carried out in parallel and under absolute secrecy by the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Defense.

Besides this investigation, UFO studies were kept under strict censorship. After the events of 1991 and the collapse of the USSR, part of the material they had collected was sold to the Americans and part was destroyed. Nonetheless, what is left contains testimonies of enormous interest.

These investigations ended up in a "Blue Folder", similar to the American Blue Book, from which Subbotin was able to draw valuable information despite the lack of a systematic declassification procedure comparable to the American one. Among the facts that emerged, the most singular is the “Romb” project, which led the Soviets - similarly to the Nazi with their occult think tank known as “Ahnenerbe” - to undertake research on ancient civilizations.
(RUFORS website)


Chile: the pilots’ close encounters

José Lay is our guest of honor together with Jack Sarfatti. A researcher of the UAP phenomenon for over thirty years, Lay has been advisor and director of the Foreign Relations Department within the Committee for Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), the official body of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics of Chile (DGAC). The Committee, established in 1979, investigates anomalous aerial phenomena occurring in the airspace under the responsibility of the Republic of Chile: an area covering 32 million square kilometers, from the port city of Arica in the north to the South Pole.

CEFAA's official website states that its raison d'être is due to "the numerous cases of sightings of air phenomena reported by crews of commercial, private, sport and institutional aircrafts and by the public in general, which in the 1990s were widely disseminated among the population thanks to the media". The declared objective is "to support the safety of air operations on the national territory and in the airspace under the responsibility of the General Directorate of the Civil Air Force of Chile".

Jose Lay has been an officer of CEFAA since well before its foundation, when its historical members were still part of the "Comisión Chilena para Estudios de Fenomenos Espaciales no Identificados" (“Chilean commission for the study of unidentified space phenomena”), under the leadership of the then director of the Chilean Meteorological Office, Sergio Bravo. Over his years at the Committee, our guest has given a number of lectures on the subject both in Chile and abroad, especially in the United States. Officially, José Lay left the organization in 2017.

Since its origins, the CEFAA - Committee for the Study of Anomalous Air Phenomena - has been commissioned by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) to investigate reports from serious and reliable witnesses, such as pilots and radar operators, who claimed to have seen flying objects of unknown nature and characteristics.
In his speech, José Lay presents some emblematic cases occurred in 1978, 1988 and 1997, by showing the original recordings of the communications between aircraft commanders and control towers.
The voices you are going to hear, much agitated and at times even panicked, are those of experienced high-profile professionals accustomed to handling risk situations, but unprepared for what appeared before their eyes or on radar screens: lights and aircrafts capable of sudden accelerations, sudden changes in course and altitude, crazy speeds.
CEFAA has investigated such kind of events at length but, to date, haven’t found any ordinary explanation yet. (CEFAA official website)



Filippo Sarpa, graduated in Translation from the University of Turin with full marks and honors, is a teacher of foreign languages and literatures and a member of the GAUS board of directors.

To date, his personal contribution to ufology and alternative historiography consists in the realization of a double second-level-degree thesis, written together with his fellow student at the time Sara Rolando. In the framework of an ambitious academic research project, they examined the extraterrestrial hypothesis as an anthropological-cultural phenomenon along its two main diachronic dimensions: the alleged contacts in the past (commonly known as the "ancient astronaut theory") and, in the present, for about sixty years now, with the even more controversial issue of the so-called “contactees”. The theses, under the titles Ancient Astronauts in South America. On the trail of an interplanetary contact in the past (Sarpa, 2017) and Exopolitics: messages from other worlds (Rolando, 2017) respectively, were discussed in July 2017 at the University of Turin. Sarpa and Rolando’s field investigation across the United States, Peru, Bolivia and the Easter Island in Chile was very much appreciated both in Italy and abroad and earned them the invitation to speak at international UFO congresses together with guests of world importance. In 2018, Sarpa's thesis was published in Italy with the title Antichi astronauti in Sudamerica. Tracce di contatti nel passato (vv. 1-2, 2018, xPublishing), and a preface by renowned author Mauro Biglino.

Sarpa is also the official translator to Italian of world famous American ufologist Steven M. Greer’s Unacknowledged and Peruvian contactee Ricardo González’s Contact from Planet Apu. Beings From the Future Among Us (2018, xPublishing).

Every year Filippo Sarpa hosts non-profit UFO conferences in Turin, Italy, with international guests.