The importance of ufology in the New Age

In this article we will consider the importance of Ufology within the New Age movement.

Before addressing this question, we consider it appropriate to say something about the New Age movement which is one of the most important expressions of the new neo-pagan religiosity. In fact, many individuals are attracted to Aquarian doctrines also because New Age themes are present directly or indirectly in many new religious movements.
In Italy there are also numerous Centers of the Age of Aquarius. Some Aquarian communities and numerous individuals who recognize themselves in the Aquarian nebula. But how could we define the New Age movement?
A triple definition of the New Age could be proposed taking into account a triple perspective (psychological, historical, sociological).
New Age can be defined from a psychological point of view as a state of mind, a feeling shared by a socially significant number of people who are convinced that they have entered a new era.
A definition of New Age can then be given using the categories of the history of religions: using these categories in New Age it can be considered an "awakening movement" since the New Age aims to awaken those capacities and potentialities that some Aquarians would be present in all human beings even if many of them are in a latent state.
From the sociological point of view, New Age can be defined with the term Network which can be translated into Italian with the expression “network structure”.
Dal punto di vista sociologico un Netwuork è costituito da individui che hanno una visione del mondo molto simile, leggono gli stessi libri e le stesse riviste, ammirano le stesse persone, organizzano congressi e riunioni, si propongono gli stessi obiettivi e sono in comunicazione tra loro.
Come si vede è possibile definire il new Age in molti modi: tali definizioni sono senza dubbio suggestive e permettono al lettore di farsi almeno un’idea generale del fenomeno New Age.

Dopo aver definito in maniera generale che cosa è il New Age ci occuperemo ora dell’Ufologia Acquariana.
Il concetto più importante di tale Ufologia religiosa è la credenza nell’esistenza di extraterrestri superiori agli esseri umani non solo scientificamente ma anche spiritualmente. Gli Acquariani sono convinti che gli alieni siano esseri superiori che vengono sulla terra per facilitare l’ingresso dell’ umanità nella nuova Era ovvero l’Era dell’ Acquario. Secondo gli adepti del New Age gli alieni aiuterebbero gli uomini ad entrare nella nuova era in diversi modi.

In primo luogo essi manderebbero dei messaggi per mezzo dei contattisti alfine di fornire importanti insegnamenti agli esseri umani.
I contattisti sono considerati dagli storici delle religioni “I nuovi profeti dell’era spaziale” e sono degli individui che sostengono di avere incontrato gli alieni e di avere da loro ricevuto la missione di consegnare agli uomini importanti messaggi di carattere religioso.
Some of these contactees have founded new religions which are defined by the historians of the religions as new UFO religions.

Secondly, the Aquarians argue that many aliens would choose to reincarnate on earth to guide humanity along the difficult path of spiritual evolution in order to facilitate entry into the Age of Aquarius.
In addition, some New Age exponents believe they are aliens who have reincarnated on Earth and think they have an important mission to perform.

Third, newagers believe that aliens would take over the minds of some humans to use their bodies to facilitate the progress of humanity.

Fourthly, the aliens would send positive energies to Earth that would have the task of opposing the negative energies that would hinder the evolution of humanity.

Finally, the Aquarians are convinced that aliens cannot manifest their presence publicly on earth because the cosmic law of Karma would prevent them from entering the earth into the galactic confederation at least until humanity has reached a higher spiritual level.
Until this happens, the aliens would limit themselves to making private contact only with a limited number of individuals: these contacts can be both physical and psychic.

New Age ufology is a classic example of religious ufology in which there are various constituent elements, among which we will consider here, the ufological interpretation of the Bible, alien abductions, crop circles, considered by the Aquarians as a alien strategy to help humanity
As for the UFO interpretation of the Bible and other sacred texts we must say that it is based on the belief that many events narrated in the Bible are due to the action of aliens and not of God and the Angels.
According to this interpretation of the Bible, aliens would have interfered with human events since the most remote times so that men would have mistaken for gods and angels those who were nothing but aliens who came into contact with humanity.

Aquarians also attach great importance to alien abductions as newagers claim that aliens kidnap humans to modify their genetic code in order to facilitate the birth of a new human race in view of the arrival of the Aquarian age (in these years, ufologists have pointed out that the number of humans claiming to have been abducted by aliens has significantly increased).
In some of them some small objects have been found under the skin or near the brain, defined by ufologists as implants. Among other things, the new race resulting from these abductions would have the characteristic of possessing paranormal abilities deriving from the activation of some areas of the brain that are not normally used.
Some ufologists have actually established that some abductees claim to have acquired paranormal powers after the abduction and also some abductees have claimed to feel different from humans as if they belonged to another human race or came from another civilization with higher powers.
In summary, we can say that some abductees seem to have acquired the ability to come into contact with aspects of reality that are normally not perceptible to other human beings.
As for crop circles (strange ideograms and drawings that appear in wheat fields obtained by folding and intertwining wheat plants in a mysterious way without damaging the seedlings), the Aquarians are convinced that aliens use such designs to communicate messages to human beings and to foster their spiritual progress.
We must say that some individuals who have come into contact with crop circles claim to have undergone strong psychological and spiritual changes.
For example, a German contact medium recently claimed to have been informed by aliens that crop circles are Sumerian symbols that such people would have learned from the aliens themselves.
According to the contactee, these circles are made by extraterrestrial spaceships with sound waves to make terrestrials understand that there are other civilizations in the cosmos wishing to help men.
In any case the Aquarians are convinced that the aliens possess more perfect religious knowledge than those of men since in their worlds there would have been a greater number of Avatars of the Cosmic Christ since there would have been no apocalyptic events such as those that occurred on Earth (yes see the destruction of Atlantis and Lenuria).
We believe we have described in this article the most important doctrinal elements of New Age ufology even if for reasons of space we have omitted the treatment of other less important elements.

Prof. Giovanni Pellegrino
Prof. Ermelinda Calabria