UFO sighting report

If you want to report a sighting you can send us a report by filling out the form below.

If you have difficulty filling in, you can contact us by e-mail to request a printable copy of the report form.

Instructions for compilation

It is not necessary fill in all the fields, but only those useful in order to describe the sighting.
It is necessary authorize the GAUS to process personal data by ticking the appropriate box at the bottom of the form.
At the end of the compilation press the button Send.

It is recommended not to close the page before sending the report in order not to lose the information entered.

Section I: Witness Fact Sheet

nobodypoliceufologistsrelatives / friendsjournalistsInternet

Specify whether the testimony has been released to other people

Section II: Description of the environment

Section III: Description of the observed phenomenon
naked eyebinocularscameratelescoperadarother

BuildingStraightCurvilinearZig ZagDead leafDitchingLandingOther

TV / RadioElectronic devicesMagnetsWatchesEnginesWaterSoilVegetationMananimalsOther

Section IV: Entity description

Section V: Reaction to the observed phenomenon

Section VI: Annexes