XX Convegno Internazionale di Ufologia di Firenze

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Auditorium S. Apollonia, via San Gallo 25, Firenze Map

Domenica 29 settembre 2019 a Firenze la XX edizione dell’evento promosso dal GAUS col patrocinio di Regione Toscana


Il GAUS – Gruppo Accademico Ufologico Scandicci lo sarà!

Saremo tutti pronti per assicurarvi una giornata speciale in occasione dell’importante traguardo della XX edizione del Convegno Internazionale di Ufologia di Firenze.

Anche quest’anno l’evento avrà il prestigioso patrocinio della Regione Toscana.

Il programma sarà sempre ricco di nuovi ed intriganti interventi, con immancabili ospiti inediti.

Confermata la gradita presenza di Sabrina Pieragostini, giornalista di Mediaset, che condurrà con consueta bravura e professionalità la giornata.

Le passate edizioni hanno avuto un risalto mediatico importante sia a livello nazionale che regionale. A livello nazionale con servizi sui principali telegiornali, oltre che su testate giornalistiche cartacee e online.


In occasione dei 25 anni di attività dell’Associazione e del 20 esimo convegno organizzato a Firenze quest’anno il Gruppo si è voluto superare ulteriormente, proponendo una location esclusiva nel cuore della città: l’Auditorium of Sant'Apollonia in via San Gallo, 25.

The Auditorium is located in the former monastery church of the Santa Apollonia complex, founded by the congregation of the Camaldolese of Sant'Apollonia in 1339.


9.30 🕤 Opening works - Pietro Marchetti
GAUS President

9.40 🕤 Dr. Marco Baldini
GAUS Vice President

Intervention Title: 25 years GAUS and presentation of the first UFO book collection

10,00 🕙 Captain Robert Salas
US Air Force (on leave), main witness of the famous UFO case of the Malmstron nuclear military base (USA)

Intervention Title: The UFO incidents of 1967 in Montana and the US conspiracy of silence

11,00 🕚 Pause

11.15 🕚 Dr. Sabrina Pieragostini
Journalist and Mediaset presenter - GAUS member

Intervention Title: Airplane pilots witnessing UFO sightings

12,00 🕛 Prof. Coen Vermeeren
Aerospace engineer and university lecturer

Intervention Title: Impact of UFO disclosure worldwide and focus on the most important UFO cases in Holland and Belgium

13,00 🕐 Lunch break

14.45 🕝 Pietro Marchetti
GAUS President

Intervention Title: Valmalenco, evolution of a phenomenon

15.30 🕞 Dr. Nicola Tosi
Creator and founder of Project Uap Italia

Intervention Title: Instrumental analysis and investigations on anomalous aerial phenomena of the Apennines

16.15 🕓 Pause

16.30 🕟 Captain Robert Salas
US Air Force (on leave), main witness of the famous UFO case of the Malmstron nuclear military base (USA)

Intervention Title: Personal experiences on alien abductions and crop circles

17.30 🕠 Dr. Sara Rolando
Independent researcher for South American cultures - GAUS member

Intervention Title: The elongated skulls of Peru - artificial deformation, new Homo species or something more?

18.10 🕕 Dr. Filippo Sarpa
Researcher of South American cultures - GAUS member

In Skype connection from the Atacama desert (Chile) with the famous contactee Ricardo González (The contact announced)

18.30 🕡 Final debate with the participation of Roberto Pinotti
President of the National UFO Center

19,00 🕖 Closing of works

Chairman of the event: Sabrina Pieragostini

(The program may undergo changes during the day for organizational needs)


It will be an opportunity to formalize the birth of the first collection of UFO books at the beautiful Oblate Library in Florence, created thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Florence and the over twenty publishing houses involved.


At the entrance there is an economic contribution of registration as membership fee for the months September-December equal to € 15.00 per person.

To all the participants information material on the conference, gadgets and the magazine "The newspaper of the mysteries" for free!

Reservation recommended by email: gaus.pr@gmail.com


Hotel Palazzo Vecchio ***
Via Bernardo Cennini, 4 50123 Florence, Italy
Tel. +39.055.212182 | Fax +39.055.216445


Due to the “Corri la vita” event with the departure of the race scheduled at 8.45 from Piazza Vittorio Veneto, there are possible traffic problems for transit on Ponte alla Vittoria in the early hours of the morning. For those wishing to reach the hall by car, alternatively, we recommend the route from Firenze Sud, Novoli or Piazzale Michelangelo.


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Mark the date on your calendar: Sunday 29 September starting at 9.30.

We advise you to book, places are limited!

To stay updated on the event:
consult theevent on Facebook and the Facebook page of the GAUS
call the secretariat 331/3138171
write to gaus.pr@gmail.com

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