Local timeNationSpeaker / SpeakerSubject / Title
09:3009:30ItalyPietro Marchetti, Sabrina Pieragostini, Sara RolandoOpening and Welcome
09:4009:40ItalySabrina Pieragostini (Chairman ITA)
Sara Rolando (Chairman ENG)
Introduction to the conference
09:4509:45GermanyPaolo GuizzardiThe ummita question today
Questions and Answers session
10:3010:30ItalyLachezar FilipovScientific Arguments about Extraterrestrial and Alien Life and Why the Facts Are Not Always Accepted by Governments
Questions and Answers session
11:3011:30SwitzerlandSabrina PieragostiniThe science of UFOs: the Galileo Project arrives
Questions and Answers session
12:45Lunch break
14:1514:15ItalyRoberto PinottiThe problem of UFO-crashes before Roswell
15:0010:00USABarry DowningUFOs and the Bible: three questions
Questions and Answers session
16:0011:00USAKathleen MardenThe UFO abduction of Betty and Barney Hill: what we know 60 years later
Questions and Answers session
17:00Coffee Break
17:1517:15ItalyPietro MarchettiVUT: Valmalenco Ufo Target
Questions and Answers session
18:0011:00USALuis ElizondoQuestions and Answers session
18:40Surprise guestSurprise
19:0019:00ItalyPietro Marchetti, Sabrina Pieragostini, Sara RolandoClosing of the Conference